[jianjiantong] the key points of project visa, progress payment and settlement audit must be mastered!

From the 15th day, the quantities reported by the construction unit are deemed to be confirmed as the basis for the payment of the project price.

For the review of the application of quota subitems, pay attention to whether the quota subitems selected for project settlement are consistent with the engineering characteristics of each sub part of the project, whether the substitution is reasonable, and whether there are high sets, wrong sets and repeated sets.

Otherwise, it will cause double calculation in the as built drawing and visa.



The supply quantity shall be strictly controlled to prevent the construction unit from overusing or misappropriating.

The visa should indicate whether it is a direct fee or tax.

Unless otherwise agreed in the design change and contract, it will not be adjusted.

For example, some items have been included in the lump sum fee, comprehensive fee and other fees, or have been included in the quota or comprehensive unit price, but the on-site personnel sign the fee separately.

if the quantity of materials supplied by Party A exceeds the settlement quantities, the excess part shall be deducted.

When reviewing the quantities, pay attention to whether the details listed by the construction unit (work content and scope included in the project details) are consistent with the project details in the budget quota.

However, if the settled quantities exceed a certain range of quantities in the contract list, the comprehensive unit price of the original contract shall be determined separately.

The name, specification, manufacturer, unit price, time, etc.


(2) Sectional settlement: payment shall be made according to the image progress, and the progress payment shall be paid in different stages according to the image progress of the project.

2 problems needing attention in the visa process (1) the on-site visa date is inconsistent with the actual situation.

Settlement price = contract price + change + visa.

Only when they are consistent can the budget unit price in the budget quota be applied.

Some deductions that are easy to ignore the price (1) the old shall be deducted for the change and addition.


The direct cost is determined by the consumption of labor, materials and machinery and their corresponding prices.

Only pay less but not more, otherwise it may cause overpayment (this is easy to be ignored).

(2) For fixed unit price contract, both parties have agreed on the calculation method of comprehensive unit price, risk range and risk cost in the contract.

In the project settlement, the quota sub items with high or low base price of similar quantities often occur.

(3) Distinguish between direct expenses and taxable items.

It is not charged, because the direct fee can be charged, and the latter can only charge taxes.

During audit: first, pay attention to the work contents contained in the quota sub items; Second, pay attention to the preparation instructions of the norms in each chapter, and be familiar with the boundaries of the application of sub items of similar projects in the norms..

Pfeifer VS Box

Only when they are consistent can the budget unit price in the budget quota be applied.

(2) When applying for the visa for the unit price of materials, we should pay attention to find out which materials need to apply for the visa and how to do it well.

In the construction process, there are often some projects that cannot calculate the quantities or some special projects, which are often solved with the specific amount agreed by both parties.

project visa 1 several phenomena that should not be visa (often occur and easy to ignore) (1) the content of project visa should be as detailed as possible, including the reason for visa (including the number of cited materials), location, size, quantity, date, materials used, settlement method, settlement unit price, etc, The original materials of the cost visa, such as technical approval form, design change, owner contact form, etc., must be attached to the visa form, otherwise the visa will not be issued.

(2) The comprehensive unit price method means that the unit price of divisional quantities is the full cost unit price.

The calculation of this change shall be: calculate the cost of new materials and deduct the cost of original materials.

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Remember that as long as it can be reflected in the as built drawing, it will not be visa, and it is required to settle according to the as built drawing.

(2) For the deduction of the price of materials supplied by Party A in excess, the construction unit using materials supplied by Party A must, in principle, report the plan in advance and supply after being reviewed by the supervisor and the owner.

3 project visa time control in principle, the project visa shall be completed within 7 days after the completion of the corresponding project, and the visa for concealed works shall be completed before the construction of the next process in principle.

2 when paying the progress payment, it is first required that the image progress or quantities corresponding to the progress payment shall be confirmed by the owner, the supervisor and the construction unit, and this part shall pass the acceptance.

(2) Without the written consent of the designer and Party A’s personnel, if the construction unit improves the material requirements of some materials by itself, it shall resolutely refuse to sign the visa.

5 time control of progress payment review if not agreed in the contract, remember that the quantities have not been verified within 14 days after receiving the construction unit’s report.

For example, the waterproof material in the basement of an office building was changed, and the original design was to make asphalt felt roll waterproof for the outer wall of the basement, and changed to flexible chlorinated polyethylene rubber plastic blend waterproof roll.

The common method used by the construction unit is to select the sub item unit prices from high or low.

  2、 Project progress payment 1 at present, the settlement methods of project progress payment mainly include the following two kinds (1) monthly settlement: the construction unit reports the workload and price on a monthly basis, which is reviewed and paid by the owner.

  3、 Project settlement audit 1 collect and sort out data, including construction contracts, bidding documents, project as built drawings, design change orders, project visas, material price adjustment and confirmation lists and other data affecting project settlement (such as confirmation data of construction period, quality and civilization).

2 contract mode (1) fixed price contract, such as sewage treatment project of plant construction project, is a total price package.

(4) For the deduction of on-site safety and civilized construction measures, the municipal or provincial civilized construction site reward fee is often agreed in other project expenses, but if the project does not meet the reward requirements, this part of the fee shall be deducted.

Many problems are discussed orally by both parties without timely visa, and the visa formalities are handled in a surprise manner afterwards, which violates the provision that “there is a time limit for the guiding price of any budget quota materials”.

During settlement, the actual supply quantity of materials supplied by Party A shall be compared with the corresponding settlement quantities.

If the construction unit does not have some measure items in the construction process, this part of the fees will be deducted during settlement.

Within the agreed risk range, the comprehensive unit price will not be adjusted, and the quantities will be settled according to the actual situation.

(3) For the deduction of measure fees in the contract price and bid price, there will be several measure fees in the composition of the contract price.

When reviewing the quantities, pay attention to whether the units of measurement listed by the construction unit are consistent with those in the budget quota.

Some construction units deliberately postpone the time of completing the quantities and make an issue on the visa date in order to obtain unreasonable profits.

of materials should be truthfully signed in the visa.

(4) For the items specified in the quota and relevant documents, it is not necessary to sign another visa.

During the settlement of project progress payment, the actual completion of the site shall be truthfully reflected, and the uncompleted projects, advance payment, materials supplied by Party A (according to the budget content), utilities, quality assurance deposit and other withholding and payment expenses shall be strictly deducted.

3 pricing mode (1) labor and material unit price method refers to taking the unit price of divisional and subdivisional quantities as the direct cost.

(2) The unit of measurement must be consistent.

(5) Other expenses shall be calculated according to whether they comply with the relevant contents in the project contract or bidding documents signed by both parties (such as construction period award, rush cost, excellent award, etc.).

(3) Repeat visa for the same project content, which is especially reflected in the design change and technical approval form.

For the unit price of materials certified, we should indicate whether it includes the purchase premium and transportation fee, and there is no need to calculate the loss, so as to avoid repeated calculation during settlement.

The following two points shall be noted in the review of quantities: (1) the caliber must be consistent.

Indirect expenses, profits and taxes shall be calculated separately in accordance with relevant regulations.

4 for those priced with the bill of quantities, it should be noted that some items in the bill of quantities contain several sub items (work content), which will lead to the phenomenon that some sub items have been completed and some sub items have not been completed, which requires deducting the price of this part or paying in proportion according to experience.

Sometimes there may be great disputes about which sub item should be applied to a project, especially for some ambiguous sub item unit prices.

If the quantity of materials supplied by Party A is less than the settlement quantities, The settlement quantities shall be determined according to the quantity of materials supplied by Party A.


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