If you want to do the design points of office buildings that can not be ignored, this wave of collection is not at a loss!

These places are often crowded.

1   Adjust the building classification and fire resistance rating classification, and then determine the fire resistance rating.

Today, let’s learn the key points of office design together! 01 change of office building design standard part.

Design hand drawn  |  Quick questions for postgraduate entrance examination  |  Design software  |  Postgraduate entrance examination theory  |  Study abroad architecture  |  plan  |  gardens  |  indoor  |  Industry  | Visual transmission  | clothing   At the end of the paper, the scheme design of 1.9g selected office building is attached   At the time of the global outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the new office building design standard has been ushered in, which is of great help to our future office building design.

(the article explains that in the office complex building, except for the office part, there are often shopping malls, restaurants, business halls and entertainment facilities for external business.

For the staff of the Architectural Design Institute, in the process of office building design, the first thing they need to consider is whether there will be some special requirements for the local people in the construction of these buildings.

The clear height of walkway shall not be less than 2.20M, and that of storage room shall not be less than 2.00m.

Part.3   We should consider how to ensure sufficient lighting.

3   Number determination 4.2.3   The use area of ordinary office per person shall not be less than 6 ㎡.

In article 5.0.1, class A and B shall be class I fire resistance rating, and class C shall not be lower than class II fire resistance rating.

5.0.3   The total net evacuation width of office buildings shall be calculated according to the total number of people.

Is the brain blank and uninspired? Watching the rapid progress of others’ plans, I can’t shed tears in my heart.

If these places are on the same floor as the office part, their evacuation stairs and safety exits cannot be shared with the office part.

(article interpretation: reference is made to the data adopted by the fire departments in Zhejiang and other places in the actual project operation.)   4.1.9 walkways of office buildings shall comply with the following provisions:     1.

(original specification 5.0.3) part.

Some points that cannot be ignored in office building design part.

(the same as 3.2.3 of the original specification) 5.0.2 the emergency exit of the office part in the office complex building shall not be shared with the emergency exit of shopping malls, business halls, entertainment, catering and other densely populated places on the same floor.

4.1.11 the clear height of office buildings shall meet the following requirements:      5.

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In article 1.0.3, it is classified as follows: class a particularly important office buildings; Class B important office buildings; Class C ordinary office buildings (offices of administrative organs below the county level, offices less than 100m and class C standard office buildings in the guidelines for the classification of international office buildings).

Part.2   We should consider whether there are special requirements.

In the process of office building design, we should consider many aspects and select a better scheme.

The design control in this regard can also well reflect the ability of architectural designers.

  5.0.4   The fire resistance limit of partition walls such as confidential room, archives room, electronic information system machine room and important warehouse shall not be less than 2h, the floor shall not be less than 1.5h, and class a fire doors shall be adopted.

Moreover, it is also very effective to improve the work efficiency of people in the office building.

For the staff in the office building, the first thing to ensure is that they can get sufficient lighting in each room, so as to ensure that they can bring a better experience to more people in the process of going to work.

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For example, during the design, we should consider how to bring us some convenience, and for the personnel working in the office building, can we ensure to provide them with some convenience in all aspects as much as possible, so as to ensure that they have a more comfortable external environment when working in the office building, So as to better help them complete the whole task.

If they are the office dedicated to the business of the shopping mall, they are not subject to this provision The corresponding statement in the original standard article is that the evacuation entrance and exit of the office part in the complex building shall not be shared with the evacuation entrance and exit of shopping malls, business halls, entertainment, catering and other densely populated places in the same building.

Because we are not particularly clear about whether there will be some special requirements in the local planning department, we can first understand the relevant requirements of the local planning department and design according to their requirements, which can also ensure that the construction process will be more smooth after completion.

Part.2   3.2.3 when the office building is co built with other buildings in the same base or jointly built with other buildings, it shall meet the use function and environmental requirements of the office building, with clear zoning and separate entrances and exits.

In short, the purpose of the architectural design of the office building is to make the office environment more safe, comfortable, healthy and economic, and protect the ecological environment.

The width shall meet the fire evacuation requirements, and the minimum clear width shall comply with the provisions of table 4.1.9.

1   Pay attention to the room layout.

The room layout of the office building is very important.

So Xiaobian specially prepared a set of office building design collection for you to help you easily handle the office building design.

When the total number of people cannot be rated, it can be calculated according to its building area of 9 ㎡ / person.


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