Building structure – 6-day “long height” 1.2m – the South Building of East China Hospital has been lifted!

The protection and utilization of cultural relics protection buildings and excellent historical buildings in urban renewal requires us to fully explore the urban historical and cultural memory and scientific value carried by them, and continue them, so that they can “live” at the moment, “tell” history “and” witness “development.

It is one of the earliest modern centralized hospital buildings in China and the first batch of excellent historical buildings in Shanghai.

construction unit: Shanghai Construction Engineering Fifth Construction Group Co., Ltd Supervision unit of Shanghai Tianyan building displacement Engineering Co., Ltd.: project design team of Huajian Group East China urban architectural design and Research Institute of Shanghai Jianke Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.: Project Director: yao ji design general director: Chen Weili Project Manager: Wang Wei, chief engineer Yu Dan team: Hua bingcan, yao ji, Chen Weili, Wang Wei, Liu Lei, Chen Xinyu Wang Yu architectural design: Yu Dan, Zhu Rong structural design: Wang Wei, Zhou Xiaodong, Wu xueshu, Dong Zhengao water supply and drainage design: Wang Jie, Wan Xuehua, Zhang Cheng HVAC / Power Design: Du Kun, Li Changshan electrical design: Huang Yi, Cai Yu, Mei Xiaoyan interior design: Tao Qian, Zhu Ronghua Construction Group Shanghai underground space and engineering design and Research Institute (Shenyuan geotechnical engineering company) Project design team: Project Director: Wang Weidong chief engineer team: Wang Weidong, Huang Shaoming foundation underpinning, jacking and foundation pit enclosure design: Yue Jianyong, Cai Zhongxiang, Weng Qiping, Hou Shengnan, Tong Yuanmeng, Zhou Yan source: arcplus of Huajian group, contribution: salary survey of Huajian group’s East China metropolitan architectural design and Research Institute.

The repair and subsequent protection work will follow the principle of “authenticity, minimum intervention, reversibility, readability” and other cultural relics repair, focusing on the cleaning and restoration of external facade, the rectification of surrounding site environment, the cleaning and restoration of core indoor space such as entrance and central hall, etc.

The video is transferred from “Shangguan news” 3 “old building jacking” homing “: the overall seismic performance is improved.

In the early stage of the jacking project, many technical problems were overcome, creating a record for the overall improvement of the cultural relics building with the largest construction area and the most irregular shape in China.

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The predecessor of the South Building of East China Hospital is country hospital.

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The overall jacking of the South Building of East China Hospital weighing more than 20000 tons was 1.2m, and the most important part of the overall repair and transformation of the South Building of East China Hospital was successfully completed.

How to explore the use of contemporary new technologies and new schemes, organically combine the protection of cultural relics and buildings with social development, organically combine them with urban renewal, “let the old bottle of new wine”, all of which pose new challenges to the protection of cultural relics and buildings.

Centennial architecture: continue the mission and rejuvenate the brilliance.

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The Liberation Daily, Xinmin Evening News, and Shanghai issued official account have reported the success of the South Tower of East China Hospital.

The joint design of the Urban General Institute of Huajian group and the Underground Space Institute (Shenyuan geotechnical Institute), combined with the opportunity of jacking and the introduction of isolation technology, has greatly improved the overall seismic performance and flood control capacity of the South Building under the principle of minimum intervention.

The overall repair and reconstruction project should not only restore the historical style of the century old South Building, but also improve the overall seismic performance of the south building, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of rainwater backflow in flood season.

Combined with jacking, the Urban General Institute of Huajian group adopts basic isolation measures as a means to improve the overall seismic performance of the south building.

He is not only the first important work of the famous Hungarian architect L.E.

The most advanced control mode is adopted: the displacement control pressure follows the lifting of the south building, and the weight reaches more than 20000 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of 3000 adult African elephants.

In order to ensure the safety of cultural relic buildings and ensure the stable jacking of buildings, the design and construction work together to replace the original wooden pile foundation with static pressure anchor pile.

4 repair and protection of the South Building: restoration of the building   After the function is improved and lifted successfully, the indoor and outdoor height difference of the south building will be restored.

At the same time, other indoor spaces are renovated, electromechanical, elevator, medical and other equipment and facilities are upgraded, the structure is reinforced according to the new functions, and the key conversion parts are finely analyzed to comprehensively restore the historical appearance of the building, improve the ability of the building to resist sudden natural disasters, improve the use function of the building, and improve and optimize the internal medical experience.

At the beginning of its construction in the 1920s, it adopted the most advanced design concept and the highest quality materials and equipment at that time, which has high historical, artistic and scientific value.

Hudec after his independent practice, but also a municipal cultural relic in Shanghai.

During the jacking, 554 sets of jacks are used to work alternately in a / B groups, and the most advanced “displacement control and pressure follow” control mode is used.

The line of sight between the south central hall and the adjacent South Garden will be more transparent, and the image of the overall facade will be presented more completely.

Different from the previous protected buildings, the South Building of East China Hospital has been used as a medical building in the past century.

The whole isolation system adopts the combination of sliding plate bearing, rubber bearing, lead rubber bearing and viscous damper, which greatly reduces the damage of superstructure under earthquake, significantly reduces the reinforcement scope and degree of key protected parts, and maximizes the balance between the “minimum intervention” principle of cultural relics buildings and improving the overall seismic performance of buildings.

East China Hospital South building overall repair and reconstruction project total construction area: 10700 M ² (6 floors above the ground and 1 floor locally underground) construction unit: Shanghai Shenkang hospital development center, East China hospital design unit: East China urban architectural design and Research Institute of Huajian group, Shanghai underground space and engineering design and Research Institute of Huajian group (Shenyuan geotechnical engineering company) Survey unit: Shanghai Marine Geological Survey and Design Co., Ltd.

Through subsequent protective repair, the historical buildings will continue their mission and glow with a new attitude in the new century! 2.

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It is the integration of history and modern technology, which gives the century old building a new height and new life.

In order to avoid the resonance with the excellent period of the site, a variety of isolation bearing combinations are used to prolong the period of the isolated structure.

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   On September 2, 2021, the celebration ceremony for the successful jacking of the South Building of East China Hospital was successfully held.

At the same time, dynamic monitoring is strictly carried out, It ensures the safety and reliability of the jacking stage.

Moreover, the plane shape is complex and irregular, the load distribution is very uneven, and there are many key protected parts of cultural relics, which have brought great challenges to the jacking project.

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Under the framework of protective repair, the overall repair and reconstruction project of the South Building of East China Hospital uses advanced jacking and isolation technology to comprehensively improve the performance of cultural relics, prolong their service life, and retain historical memory and cultural genes for urban renewal and development.

It not only protects the Shanghai style cultural building, but also inherits the historical gene of the city.


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