Discussion on Causes and solutions of cracks in building structure design

A problem that is often easy to appear is that the buildings have uneven settlement.

In order to solve the situation of structural cracks, it is necessary to do a good job in structural design and planning, and understand the specific types and sources of building cracks.

The main reason for this situation is that the overall length of the construction is relatively long.

In particular, the problem of structural cracks used in the construction process needs to be effectively solved in order to reach the final standard.

Plastic settlement.

This problem has gradually become the core content affecting the safety of building construction.

Most of the cracks such as plastic shrinkage show an irregular form.

In the process of construction work, due to the faster and faster development of the industry, people pay more and more attention to the quality of construction.

If the structure of the building finally exceeds the limits given by relevant laws and regulations of our country, it is very important to measure the pouring area after setting beams underground and the expansion zone on the ground..

The bearing capacity of the foundation and the level of foundation treatment are directly related to whether the project can be normally used in the later stage of construction.

The specific contents are as follows: 1.

Plastic settlement refers to one of the most typical structural cracks in cracks.

Because the land use stage of the city is becoming more and more tense, some construction projects gradually begin to build weak foundations on the foundation.

3、 On the crack solving measures in building structure design (I) rigorous material selection in the process of construction work development and implementation in the construction industry, in order to truly improve the crack problem, make use of effective management measures and specific construction methods and means, and improve the construction effect of buildings, we need to strictly select materials.

Many construction projects are carried out on the basis of the foundation.

Under this background, more and more people gradually begin to realize that the development of the construction industry has played a vital role in improving the quality of national life.

Only in this way can it meet the standard of the final construction work.

The main reason for this kind of crack is the influence caused by temperature.

In the development of building construction, the most widely used materials and the structural design and other characteristics of concrete make it vulnerable to external influence and cracks.

2、 Causes of cracks in building structure design in the early stage of final setting of concrete, due to being in a plastic state, the uniform settlement of upper concrete is limited.

The early scale of plastic shrinkage crack is generally small, but with the passage of time, this scale will gradually expand, and crack expansion is more likely to occur in high temperature and humid environment.

In the design process, 1 / 15 of the beam length needs to be used.

However, if this work wants to be carried out smoothly and effectively, it needs to scientifically and reasonably control the overall length of the building structure in accordance with relevant specifications and strict requirements.

We also need to face this chaos and strictly monitor and manage the quality of raw materials.

Therefore, this paper also makes an in-depth analysis on the causes of cracks in the development stage of building structure design, and finds effective solutions, hoping to truly improve the potential hidden dangers and problems in the development process of building construction, improve the overall quality of engineering construction, and make a great contribution to the improvement of national living standards.

In the development stage of construction project construction, the most important thing is the construction foundation.

Temperature stress.

(2) Do a good job of prestressed structure design.

1、 In the process of accelerating the development of the construction industry, people pay more and more attention to the problem of building structure cracks.

In the process of designing relevant structures in the construction industry, it is necessary to make a reasonable analysis of the designed prestressed structure, and also to measure the geometric dimensions of the building in the process of work development, so as to ensure that the number of prestressed reinforcement and prestressed structure can have a comprehensive analysis of crack resistance.

When designing the building structure, relevant designers need to carefully screen the materials, understand the overall quality and standards of raw materials, and give effective control to ensure that the concrete really meets the relevant technical requirements and standards put forward in the current national development process.

According to the overall level of the existing design and construction work, 18 to 20 are generally used, which can not only reduce the number of reinforcement involved in the use process, but also reduce the weight of the structure of the building itself.

The building is affected by the temperature difference between day and night.

Good construction work can improve the economic benefits of the country and ensure that people have the most basic guarantee of housing and transportation.

Generally, the settlement is characterized by large width in the middle and narrow on both sides.


If the thermal insulation is not in place, the problem of stress concentration will occur, and the stress cannot be released, which will eventually lead to a large number of temperature stress cracks.

In different procurement links, we also need to use effective supervision and management mechanism to ensure that the materials can meet the construction quality standards and reduce the occurrence of structural cracks in the production process.

Combined with the relevant system management mode, the screening of materials requires that designers can list the procurement list according to effective standards in the process of structural design, and introduce the supervision unit to select materials.

Formulate and apply the corresponding system of raw material management in the whole process of construction engineering, and make use of effective structural design.

If there are large reinforcement above or concrete with large plane area, the shrinkage is less than the vertical shrinkage, and irregular deep-seated cracks will also occur.


Abstract: at present, in the process of accelerating the pace of social development in China, the national economic and scientific and technological level has been well improved.

Plastic shrinkage.

In fact, cracks often appear in this type of building structure in the process of concrete pouring.

The structural cracks of this type of buildings are mainly caused by the failure of construction technology or the problem of process stability.

Through such analysis, we can understand the core problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of building construction, and can effectively avoid the emergence of significant problems.

According to the extension of the specific situation of the cracks, it may have a serious impact on the overall strength of the reinforcement.

In addition, there are some mistakes in the internal management of the enterprise.

Therefore, based on this situation, this paper analyzes the causes of cracks and finds effective solutions, hoping to lay a foundation for the effective development and implementation of internal structure design in China’s construction industry.

The main reason for this situation is the settlement of buildings.

However, at present, in order to save the construction cost and obtain higher income and profit, many bad enterprises often show the phenomenon of shoddy goods at the stage of making the list of structural raw materials, and choose materials with lower prices for purchase, which also leads to the high sediment content in sand and gravel materials, resulting in a significant reduction in the water permeability of concrete ratio, It has seriously affected the improvement of the overall quality of the project.

Generally, the cracks in this type of building structure are in the area of building cross-section transformation.

The uneven settlement of the foundation is reflected in the whole structure of the buildings, which will also cause the phenomenon of building cracks.

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