Technology and cost analysis of common coatings for building exterior wall


It is mostly used for commercial facades along the street, high-end foreign houses and bases on the first to third floors of high-rise buildings.

It is more often used for building renewal, enclosure and balcony inner side.

The market price of water in water is in the range of 60-80.

Water in water coating is the first generation of colorful coatings.

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3、 Texture coating texture coating generally refers to coating with specific tools, which has obvious personalized texture effect, which is different from ordinary flat coated interior and exterior wall coatings.

Super high durability adopts silicone acrylic and pure acrylic emulsion system.

At the same time, ceramic inorganic pigments are used to ensure durable color retention.

Ordinary non elastic exterior wall emulsion paint (1) only has the function of cleaning and beautification.

Production process of real stone paint.

It is generally used in high-rise main walls and other auxiliary rooms in medium and low-grade parks.

Forming mechanism 2.

Genuine stone lacquer is mainly composed of emulsion.

Real stone paint has good decoration, wide application, simple construction, water-based environmental protection Good weather resistance and other advantages.



The stone imitation effect of real stone paint is realistic, and the degree of stone imitation can reach more than 90%.

Therefore, the external wall coating must have the elastic anti cracking function (resin); (4) According to the project modeling and construction technology, it can be divided into flat coating, small drawing, large drawing or relief modeling, but its mechanism must be monotonous than texture coating.

It is waterproof and has good air permeability.

Commonly used brands at present, the main brands in the market include garberry, sankeshu, Nippon, Dulux, STO, China Resources, SKK, meitushi, etc.

Difference between texture coating and real stone paint (1) different visual feelings.

2、 Exterior wall emulsion paint and elastic coating 1.

Industry development trend exterior wall coatings are basically divided into ordinary non elastic latex paint, elastic paint (flat coating, roughening and relief), texture paint, real stone paint, colorful paint, waterborne / oily fluorocarbon metal paint (less used at present), and some special processes, such as the effect of fair faced concrete, For example, the finished products are made of imitation sandstone, imitation limestone and pottery colored stone.

The color of natural colored sand has been determined from the moment of mining; The color of textured sand can be prepared according to artificial synthesis.

Suitable for exterior wall decoration of high-grade and high-rise buildings..

Construction technology 5.

The color and modeling of real stone paint are mainly realized by adjusting the sand or rock chips with different colors and particle sizes in the formula.

5、 Multicolor coating multicolor coating, also known as liquid granite paint, is a water-based coating for building exterior walls, which is composed of two or more water-based coloring particles suspended in the water-based interlayer and produces multiple colors through one-time spraying.

The content of genuine stone paint per square meter is higher than that of textured paint, and the price of genuine stone paint per square meter is slightly higher than that of textured paint; (3) Different construction processes, most of the real stone paints are mainly sprayed, and the texture coatings are mainly scraped in batches; (4) Different materials, the aggregate of real stone paint is natural color sand, and the main material of texture coating is texture sand.

  In 2012, real stone paint rose suddenly and will run up the paint market with new coatings such as colorful coatings and texture simulation coatings in 2013.

Texture coating is natural and environment-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless.

The most mentioned with texture coating is the artistic effect.


It is generally used in commercial outlets, local modeling, high-rise main walls in medium and high-grade parks and foreign houses in medium and high-grade parks.

The price of genuine stone paint is about 55 ~ 75 yuan / m2, which is mostly used for residential and commercial podium.

It is generally used for high-end residential buildings.

The price range is between 65-80.


Sand in water can be said to be an upgraded product of water in water and real stone paint.

Common additives include thickener, antifreeze, preservative and film-forming additives.

After coating a certain thickness, it has the function of covering the small cracks caused by the expansion movement of the substrate; (2) The price of double package in the general market is more than 30 yuan / m2, and the main difference lies in the different quality of the resin used; (3) It is applicable to the area with external wall insulation.

How to identify water in water and sand in water? Water in water – imitation smooth granite stone    Sand in water imitation litchi granite stone    3.

Common effects of colorful coatings: horizontal coating in water effect: special wall tile in water effect: sand in water effect 6.

Advantages of real stone paint.


The decorative effect is similar to marble, granite, white marble and hemp stone, especially for the decoration of indoor columns and roman columns, which can obtain the decorative effect of confusing the false with the true.

There are no special requirements and no color paste is added for color matching.

Elastic coating (1) elastic architectural coating is a kind of architectural coating which takes synthetic resin as the base material and is prepared with pigment, filler and additives.


Living in a house decorated with real stone paint can give people a return to nature, magnificent atmosphere and majestic vitality.

It is a good decoration coating.

A good emulsion paint can still be as new after a few years, without elasticity and anti micro cracking.

Because the external insulation is plate splicing, it will dislocation with the settlement of the building, resulting in the dislocation tension of the external wall coating and the cracking of the coating.

The surface of texture texture is formed by sand particles with different mesh numbers.

Common effects of real stone paint brick imitation effect (spraying) texture effect (spraying) 9.

Texture coating composition 2.

Water in water and sand in water are collectively referred to as colorful coatings.

industry development trend and common brands in the market 1.

Texture coating characteristics (1) the color of texture coating is displayed by color paste, and the shape is changeable; (2) The color texture is natural, the vision is soft, the color is diverse, and the decorative effect is rich and colorful;   (3) Excellent crack resistance; (4) The utility model has the advantages of convenient construction, simple operation, no place restriction, and can be used for complex modeling; (5) There are many construction methods, including batch scraping, spraying, etc.


 +  Sand  +  Various additives   =    Real stone lacquer 2, latex 3, natural color sand characteristics (1) all kinds of granite or marble natural minerals by selected, crushing, crushing, grading, mixing sand, packaging and other multi-channel processes and particles and powder products; (2) Excellent color retention and color fastness; (3) The strength, color and particle size are difficult to control and change with the change of ore; (4) Resources are in short supply, and the varieties that can be stably supplied have been reduced from 40 or 50 kinds five years ago to more than 10 kinds now.

Product characteristics of colorful coatings (1) high simulation degree: the simulation degree can reach 95%, which is almost the same as the original stone effect, with a sense of hierarchy; (2) pure acrylic and silicone acrylic emulsion system.

Steel Chamfer

Multicolor coating composition multicolor coating is not a single product, but a combined and systematic product including primer, intermediate material, main material and cover.

The coating adhesion, UV resistance and stain resistance are very strong.

Construction process 7.


The production process of real stone paint is divided into two steps: (1) preparation of real stone paint slurry (2) color matching of real stone paint slurry with colored sand to make real stone paint.


4, construction technology 5, the common effect of texture coating, plain rubbing effect, scraping effect, meteor shower effect (batch scraping + sand scraping vertical grain) chrysanthemum grain effect (batch scraping + scraping sand circular) four, real stone lacquer real stone paint, also known as natural stone paint, stone paint, imitation stone paint, is based on synthetic emulsion as raw material, with natural colored sand powder pellet as aggregate, combined with a small amount of auxiliaries, thick type architectural coatings.

Through the outline of artistic beauty, the designer can jump the abstract thinking on the wall and produce a unique visual feeling; (2) Price difference the price of texture coating is 4.5 yuan / kg, and the price of real stone paint is 4-4.2 yuan / kg.

The production process of texture coating is divided into two steps: (1) preparation of texture slurry; (2) Texture paste is mixed with white sand and then added with color paste for color matching to make texture coating.

Generally simple modeling, the price is basically in the range of 40-60 yuan / m2.


It is not suitable for use in North China, northwest and other regions; (2) The price of double package in general market is about 30 yuan / m2; (3) It can only be used in East China, South China and other areas without external wall insulation.


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