Architecture | have you seen these five pure black villas?

In daily life, it constantly stimulates people’s vision, which will be transformed into a kind of cognition and emotion to help the creator convey information to the audience.

The external surface of the house is decorated with a unique black stone from Karelia – gabbro diabase.

It is the winning work of the fifth architectural competition of NGV.

When the sunlight falls on these glass devices through the opening at the top of the exhibition hall, it is like “the memory and resonance of thousands of years of colonization are shining”.

Sound designer Devon Turnbull customized a unique sound system for the restaurant, and local flower artist Makoto Azuma designed a flower art installation in the dining area.

  Burnside Sn ø hettasn ø hetta construction company and ghetto Gastro cooking team worked together to design a restaurant called Burnside in Tokyo.

The first floor of the house is an extension of the hilly terrain, including garage, storage room and utility room.

The project draws lessons from the houses in the colonial period of Australia.

It is a leisure restaurant during the day and transformed into a bar and lounge at night.

The interior uses oak to create a warm space atmosphere.

The sliding partition hidden in the arch can temporarily close the kitchen for temporary gallery or various flash events.

After entering the room, they will be attracted by the amber arc lights on the ceiling and turn their eyes to the 30 seat restaurant with open kitchen.

The first floor of the house is an underground pool, which can cool the air and help cool down.

Oh, color is a concept full of emotion and memory.

The sliding glass door of the living space can be opened or completely closed according to the wishes of the owner, and integrated with the surrounding landscape through a black wood grating.

It is not only a residence providing a comfortable living experience, but also a sculpture embedded in the natural landscape.

The pavilion is called “in absence”, which symbolizes the land and property plundered by indigenous peoples due to colonization in the 18th century.

Cuplock Scaffolding Bottom Cup

The backstage reply “design theory” on the day, you will push a design story for 365 days, 365 classics, which will be updated only once a day.

Inabsense edition office, a cylindrical exhibition hall covered with black glass devices, is located in the grollo equiset garden of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

This residence not only embodies the style characteristics of modern architecture, but also integrates the details of the history and culture of the region.

The low black wooden stool at the bottom provides a space for visitors to sit still and reflect.

  Federal   The house edition office federal residence is located in a hilly woodland in new Wales, Australia.

Below, we have collected five black architectural or interior works, which show the thinking and use of black by different designers.

A path crosses the exhibition hall and divides it into two pieces.

The window is added with louvers with traditional Russian sawing carving to emphasize its simple style.

At the same time, it is connected with the opening in the north, overlooking the hilly landscape in the distance.

For the special color of black, designers have different understanding.

Guests go up the stairs connected to the street to the second floor.

The design team hopes to combine the two to create a special dining experience.

The house is made of local natural materials.

It is jointly designed by edition office architecture office and artist yhonnie care.

The outer surface is made of dark Tasmanian hardwood.

Based on the natural environment and landscape value of the original site, Hill House horomystudio horomy architectural firm designed this special mountain house in a forest in Russia.

The exhibition hall is lined with manually blown glass devices.


The interior is mainly in black, with burning fir board as the finish, symbolizing ghetto Gastro’s cooking style.

The main living area is located on the second floor of the residence, where the homeowner can enjoy the surrounding forests and downstream rivers through a large area of glass.

The balcony is surrounded like a deck, covering the daily living space, restaurant and kitchen.

The main space is separated by two arches and connects the kitchen and dining room through steps.

It is located above a convenience store.

The random shape and smooth black texture of the devices are a metaphor for plundered resources.


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