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The company is located in the capital Beijing.

The business covers chemical, petrochemical, new coal chemical, natural gas and fine chemical, new materials, electric power, municipal and other engineering fields.


ENR ranked 17th in 2021 and ranked 2nd in the latest ranking of engineering construction companies in global oil and gas related industries published by the American Chemical weekly.

It is a state-owned industrial engineering enterprise with the most complete qualifications, the most complete functions, the most complete business chain, intensive knowledge and technology and the largest scale in China’s engineering field.

Strive to be the flagship of the group’s industrial transformation and upgrading and performance improvement, and build a comprehensive investment and construction group with prominent industry, distinctive characteristics and complete industrial chain.

Its investment projects are distributed in Anhui, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Henan, Guizhou and other places.

III Registration conditions (1) Basic conditions according to the relevant regulations of China Chemical Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

It is also a leader in the field of clean energy engineering and a practitioner of building beautiful China.

Good health; 5.

It is the founder of China’s petroleum and chemical industry system and the provider of advanced industrial comprehensive solutions, One belt, one road ahead of the reform of the system and mechanism for the construction of the construction industry, is the pioneer in building the “one belt and one road”.

The relevant matters are announced as follows: 1.

has decided to recruit for a long time within the group and the society.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

Candidates for middle-level Deputy posts shall generally work at the same level or at the next level principal post for at least three years; (2) Should have a bachelor’s degree or above, especially excellent ones can be relaxed; (3) generally not more than 45 years old, especially excellent ones can be relaxed.

Abide by the law and discipline, be politically firm, identify with the corporate culture of China Chemical Engineering Group, and have good professional ethics; 2.

This recruitment announcement is long-term effective.

(2) Job requirements 1.


Meet the corresponding positions Qualification requirements; 4.


Love and dedication, rich knowledge, and understand the development trend of the industry; 3.

Registration time.

See Annex 1 for the specific job conditions.

Working experience in large state-owned enterprises is preferred.

According to the production and operation needs of the project, China Chemical Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

and in combination with the job responsibility requirements of this open recruitment, the candidate shall meet the following conditions: 1.

See the end of the article for recruitment posts.

Candidates for middle-level posts shall meet the following conditions: (1) candidates for middle-level principal posts shall generally work at the same level or at the middle-level Deputy post and corresponding posts for at least two years.

China Chemical Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was established in March 2018 with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan.

Since 1995, it has been successively published as one of the top 250 contractors in the world by the authoritative American Journal Engineering News records.

The relevant conditions can be relaxed appropriately for those who are particularly excellent.


Focusing on “investment and operation”, the company focuses on building five platforms: investment and construction platform, resource allocation platform, high-end planning platform, industrial coordination platform and value creation platform; Based on the development of infrastructure market, build a well-known “park investment operator” in China, a “comprehensive urban service provider” with regional competitiveness, and a “developer of ecological life industry” trusted by the government.

China Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

recruitment procedures (I) online registration is implemented uniformly.

is a large enterprise group directly supervised by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Candidates for general posts should meet the following conditions: (1) should have a bachelor’s degree or above; (2) generally should have 2 years and more working experience; (3) have a junior professional and technical title or above; (4) The age is generally no more than 40 years old.


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