The building that the angel can see is illegal?

People come here with their own beliefs, but they also have a common understanding of the world under the same dome because of their common understanding of hills, lakes, seas and sky.

They symbolize the sea and land, as well as the eternity of time.

A small world is rotating in the light and shadow of Gaudi.

In the era of no digital modeling, it is difficult to imagine how the shapes of these sand dunes and trees are applied to reinforced concrete.

Most of it was completed under the personal supervision of Gaudi.

After his death, the sculptor Josep Maria subirachsisitjar succeeded Gaudi to complete the crucifixion facade sculpture of the holy family hall.

On both sides of the hall, colored glass windows are decorated with mosaics made of Venetian colored glass, and colorful glaze glitters in the sun.

After listening to the “unfinished masterpiece” too many times, it’s really exciting to see that there is only one spire yet to be completed.

Without complete design drafts and construction drawings, he also left the same spacious imagination space for future generations, allowing different architects to inject new vitality into the holy family hall.

The broken arc and cut-off columns, combined with the sculptures with clear edges and corners and very modern style, showed the process of Jesus’ crucifixion in a rigid form; The gate of the facade of the birth of Jesus comes from the Japanese designer yuero waiwei; Jordi faul í, a Barcelona native, took over as chief architect in 2012..

The law of plant growth gradually becomes the structure of the building, and the least columns create the space that can accommodate light most.

He sent the fruit baskets of the harvest to higher clouds.

Gaudi was born at the time of the great transformation of Barcelona.

There is no straight line in his building.

A vibrant picture leads people into the church.

At the same time, 800 windows of the tower were lit by blue lights, symbolizing the blue cloak of the virgin.

The column spreads at the top like branches and leaves, refracts and gathers the light beam, and the light spot flows in a symmetrical and orderly space, making it a forest leaking sunlight.

Looking around, the shape of the stairs leading to the top of the tower imitates the texture of conch and snail shell.

At 7:40 on December 8 last week, 458927 people from 122 countries watched the same ceremony through the Internet and on-site.

From the mirror below, we can see that the basic form of the church is reflected.

A 12 pointed star named “star of Bethlehem” was lit on the minaret of Notre Dame, the second highest spire of the Holy Family Church in Barcelona, Spain.

With the stars shining, this world cultural heritage building, which has been built since 1882 and has not been completed in 139 years, has finally moved forward to the completion of capping.

The relatively low spire around the viewing platform, the tower crown of the semicircular rear hall is wheat ears of various shapes, and the triangular top of the outer wall is filled with colored fruits The sacred church is decorated with natural interests everywhere.

Walking through the streets of Barcelona, Gaudi’s buildings are very conspicuous among the rows, Mira’s house, quel Park The curve full of vitality and the shape of organic form create a unique soft outline.

Plastic Nail Plate

As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona’s unique free atmosphere has naturally become an unrestricted hotbed of inspiration for Gaudi architecture.

On the high tower that human beings can’t touch, brick by brick is only for showing to angels.

The Notre Dame tower is 138 meters high, and the last completed tower was 45 years ago.

Each “tree branch” has a sign of 12 constellations.

Since the construction of the Holy Family Church, he has devoted 43 years to it, and even moved directly into the inner church.

In 1911, Gaudi had already made a sketch of the crucifixion facade.

Looking up, this is a huge kaleidoscope.

Different from the gorgeous and classical appearance, the interior of shengjiatang is endowed with beautiful imagination beyond the times and reality.

Because of its long history, the color of the facade is darker than other facades, and the carving is more complicated than other facades.

Day and night and four seasons alternate.

What makes this church the center of Barcelona? Become a holy land that is still under construction but can attract people from all over the world? Starting with a set of numbers, let’s see what the holy family hall looks like after the sun rises.

At the bottom of the columns are sculptures of a turtle and a tortoise.

The facade of the birth of Jesus is the main entrance of the holy family hall.

The most difficult thing to ignore in the city is the Holy Family Cathedral, which rises from the ground when looking down the street to the center.

With the rising of the sun, the cold side representing rebirth and the warm side with blood sinking with the setting sun correspond to birth and suffering respectively.

The columns pulled out of the ground vary in texture and shape with the increase of height, supporting a huge hyperbolic vault, which is the result of different kinds of rocks.

The gate is full of ivy, and the roots support and wind each other; The three porches are separated by two columns.

The 60 meter high central vault enlarges the picture that can be covered by the space and line of sight of the hall.

From left to right, the three parts of the gate represent hope, charity and faith respectively; The entrance is a gate of flowers and birds.

“Color is the moving place of life”.

When viewing Gaudi’s understanding of architecture in a more intuitive way, people found that Gaudi used ropes to suspend heavy objects to simulate the natural growth of trees.

Standing in front of this huge hall, the church designed three main doors with clear symbolic significance, representing the three stages of birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus’ life experience.


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