How to integrate art, architecture and furniture?

Pure art is increasingly embracing concepts and abandoning style.

In Chen Yujun’s words, “making art works into furniture is a new communication medium, so that when different media integrate, the production of art works becomes a flowing and active thing, so that the concept of art can be further disseminated and communicated.” In a sense, this series of installation works well shows a certain state that art and furniture should have.

Furniture has always reflected the changes of human survival needs, but also reflected the fashion trend and artistic style of different times.

Since the Impressionists established their ideas in the art world in the late 19th century, painting and subsequent movements in the art field began to keep a distance from other fields such as decorative art and become an independent art phenomenon.

Art is a kind of flexible and chaotic vitality, which permeates all aspects of the real world and promotes people’s life with some hidden power.

Instead, he bravely walks out of the increasingly solidified art circle and cooperates with architects and furniture brands across fields in a state of full self reflection, Its purpose is to enable art to return to life, back to the original state that has not been strictly disciplinary and professional.

Chen Yujun, who is in the process of creation, wants to cooperate with architects Liu Heng, Liu Yuyang and Liu Yichun to create a series of installation works, especially the health · changyiwu Art Museum This is also the main reason.

Above: Chen Yujun’s “Mulan xicuo” exhibition site below: Chen Yujun’s solo exhibition in the West Bank Museum of the Dragon Art Museum.

“Sheng Chang Yi Wu Art Museum” presents us with a spiritual carrier of mutual collision of comprehensive artistic ideas.

Only by injecting their own soul can they really coexist with them.

He is fully aware of the problems in the field of contemporary art at that time.

He hopes to open up the internal relationship between art, architecture and furniture through this work.

The application of details and space scenes in the work of Sheng · changyiwu Art Museum, whether art or furniture, has only one-way professional development.

Art has always been an element to express people’s identity, personality, taste and mental state, which constantly affects the design and use of furniture.

In this way, “art returns to the scene of life, can integrate anything into our life, and any form of life will become an effective medium to convey our ideas”.

This is the fundamental reason why he founded the growth laboratory.

Once it crosses a certain balance point, there will be problems of self replication and internal idling, which will become more and more rigid and monotonous.

Furniture should not be just a simple practical tool.

Combined with the living space that will be connected with it in the future, we can dig out the practicability and artistry suitable for ourselves, make it a unique material for users to re create in their own home, and transform it into the carrier of their own spirit.

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They firmly believe that the transformation of a work of art into a piece of furniture has immeasurable plasticity and energy, which can not only meet the basic requirements of practical level in life, but also provide an independent thought, And it can also be an inspiration for people to transform their home into a new creative field..

Art should not be divorced from life and incompatible with most people.

However, Chen Jianjun obviously keeps enough vigilance about how an artist can avoid falling into the crisis of making cars behind closed doors and complacency.

In the series of works of Sheng changyiwu Art Museum, we can feel that artists, architects and furniture brands are actively reflecting on their own internal problems, boldly making cross-border exploration, not bound by the existing creative mode and market orientation, and integrating the creative spirit of contemporary art with the practicability of furniture, Build a new possibility, so that everyone can build their own life and show their own spiritual world through such a spiritual carrier.

As a furniture brand, Juzhi moment system also explores the important proposition of “beauty and practicality”.

This determines that what an excellent furniture has is not only a practical function, but also a product of artistic thought.

Functionality and decoration have become the mainstream, while the artistic expression as the carrier of personalized spirit is relatively weakened.

He is not willing to replicate himself and blend experience within the art circle, nor to blindly follow the popular art trend.

“Sheng changyiwu Art Museum” is full of various details.

In front of this work, instead of strictly distinguishing it from “art” or “furniture”, it is better to return to the origin of some “thing” and regard it as a collection of some spirit.

Instead of making a strict distinction and rigidly referring to this work as “art” or “furniture”, it is better to return to the origin of some “thing”, regard it as a collection of some spirit, and combine the living space that will be connected with it in the future, so as to excavate its own practicability and artistry, Let it become a unique material for users to re create in their own home and transform it into a carrier of their own spirit.

In the 20th century, industrial design and applied art are gradually far away from pure art, and have been completely incorporated into the operation logic of commercial capital.

Moment system × Growth Laboratory © Sheng changyiwu, art museum 001, 2021304 stainless steel, comprehensive materials, collage, wood, acrylic 130 ×  65  ×  52cm 、101.5  ×  60  × 52cm Hewen piano black, Haojin and sandchrome white are a space.


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