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The main columns of Building Structure include: multi-storey and high-rise structure design, steel structure, composite structure, concrete structure, prefabricated structure, large-span space structure, masonry structure, bamboo structure, wood structure, aluminum alloy structure, mountain structure, high-rise structure, foundation and foundation, engineering seismic resistance, seismic isolation and vibration reduction (vibration) technology, engineering construction technology, pre-stressing technology, BIM technology, detection, identification and reinforcement, wind engineering Elastoplastic analysis, software development and application, theoretical analysis and method research, structural calculation and analysis, interpretation of standards and specifications, etc.

Over the past 50 years, we have made progress with the motherland and the times.

With the strong support of Xiu Long, the director of the editorial board of the Chinese Academy of Architecture, nearly 140 editorial board members including 16 members of the CAE Member and 22 national engineering survey and design masters, and a team of more than 300 peer reviewers in the industry, Building Structure has continued to be included in Chinese core journals, Chinese science and technology core journals, and ranked top in the world journal influence index, It has been awarded the “Excellent Science and Technology Journal of the Ministry of Construction” and “Chinese Journal Matrix Double-effect Journal”, and is one of the most influential professional journals in the structure discipline.

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For more than 50 years, Building Structure has always adhered to the original intention of “facing the national economic construction, prospering the building science and technology, and promoting the progress of China’s building technology”, adhered to the front of science and technology, facing the main battlefield of the economy, facing the major needs of the country, and facing the people’s life safety, put the quality of content first, and took the dissemination of advanced building structure technology as its own responsibility.

About Building Structure, Peking University · Chinese core journal, Chinese core journal of science and technology (Chinese scientific and technological paper statistical source journal), Chinese scientific citation database source journal, Chinese academic journal abstract, journal RCCSE, Chinese core academic journal (A) High-quality scientific and technological journals in the field of building science of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology JST Japan Science and Technology Promotion Agency database (Japan) Wanfang data knowledge service platform Vip Chinese scientific and technological journal database Superstar journal “domain publishing” platform Chinese journal matrix “double-effect” journal scientific and technological journal world influence index (WJCI) report excellent scientific and technological journal of the Ministry of Construction, Building Structure, was founded in 1971, The content of the report is scientific, practical, systematic, oriented and informative.

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Over the past 50 years, with the support and love of colleagues in the industry, and through the continuous efforts of several generations, Architectural Structure has gradually built a technology communication and media integration platform integrating periodicals, new media matrix, brand activities, and industry research, and has continuously contributed its own strength to the development of the structure profession.

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