Building structure | Hubei Ezhou 500m long viaduct rollover caused 3 deaths and 4 injuries! The incident section was “single column pier”,

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p * L2 will be much greater than the anti overturning force of the bridge, At this time, the bridge will overturn.

On February 21, 2011, four trucks loaded with goods went on the ramp successively.

Although the greater L1, the greater the overturning force of the bridge deck, generally there will be no problem, but if the vehicle is overloaded and deviating, i.e.

In view of some online statements about the accident caused by construction and overload, it said that the bridge was not constructed at the time of the incident, but the ramp bridge was a single column pier bridge.

@ Xinhua News Agency microblog screenshot ▲ aerial video of the accident scene, source: surging news, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of transport said that the bridge was a single column pier bridge, and three trucks drove in the same direction at the time of the accident.

The relevant situation is being further verified.

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LV Hongkui suggested that the existing single pier bridges that have been built and operated should be checked according to the new anti overturning technical standards, and corresponding reinforcement and reconstruction should be carried out if necessary to improve the anti overturning safety factor of the bridge..

“Now we are making every effort to carry out rescue disposal, save people first, and carry out remote traffic flow control to ensure that the transportation is not open.” The single column pier of the viaduct involved in the incident was included in the list of anti overturning reinforcement and transformation.

Generally, there will be a overturning axis, i.e.

Overturning will be considered in bridge design.

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At present, the accident caused four injuries and three deaths The injured have been sent to hospital for treatment.

After the “10.10 Wuxi viaduct rollover accident”, anti overturning reinforcement of single support single column pier was in full swing throughout the country.

LV Hongkui, a bridge expert and director of the first bridge Research Institute of China Railway Bridge Research Institute, told the Beijing News, The final investigation conclusions of the above accidents are related to the large overload and partial load of vehicles (the vehicle load causing the accident is 3-4 times of the load value in the original design code), and most of the accident bridges are single column pier system.

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On July 15, 2009, gangtang interchange in Tianjin section of Jinjin Expressway collapsed due to the intensive parking of three seriously overloaded trucks on the ramp bridge to the right, resulting in the inclination of the bridge beam to the right.

After the overturning accident of single column pier bridges, relevant domestic administrative departments have issued corresponding policies, regulations and measures to eliminate relevant hidden dangers.

The project is planned to start on November 10, 2021, with a construction period of 120 calendar days.

As a result, the bridge overturned and collapsed.

LV Hongkui, for example, will improve the resistance of box girders in the design code standards of the bridge industry The overturning safety factor, and the structural form of single column pier is also avoided in the design of new bridge.

(Android} and IOS users operate the same) a 500m long elevated bridge deck in Ezhou, Hubei Province overturned, resulting in three deaths and four injuries! According to CCTV news, at about 15:37 on December 18, a 500m long bridge deck overturned in the approach section of Wuhuang Expressway and Daguang Expressway in Ezhou, Hubei Province, and four vehicles fell.

Lifting Anchor

Independent pier column bridge is widely used in urban interchange system because of its simple structure, small floor area and wide field of vision, but the bridge deck is prone to overturn under eccentric load and overload.

Three trucks drove in the same direction at the time of the incident, one of which was large cargo transportation, weighing 190 tons.

When the vehicle exceeds this overturning axis, it can be understood as deviating.

However, when overloaded vehicles drive to one side, they are extremely prone to rollover.

“In the existing bridge design codes in the transportation industry, the anti overturning safety factor is much higher than in the past.” He said.

L1 in the figure.

According to the construction bidding announcement of bid section yxhb-ql-1 of single column pier bridge reinforcement project of daguangnan, Han Hubei and Han Cai expressways of Hubei Provincial Department of Communications (link: )It shows that the single column pier of Ezhou East Interchange D ramp bridge is included in the list of anti overturning reinforcement and transformation.

At about 5:30 on 24, 2012, Harbin Airport Expressway was about to enter the yangmingtan bridge from Jiangnan to Jiangbei, and the last section of the main bridge was crushed by four heavy trucks.

According to the Ministry of transport, the bridge was 731.08 meters long and opened to traffic on September 28, 2010 The width is 13m, the basin rubber bearing is adopted as the support, and the comb steel plate expansion joint is adopted as the expansion joint.

Like Wuxi rollover viaduct, the viaduct in Hubei incident belongs to single column pier beam bridge.

In fact, there have been overturning accidents of single pier bridges in China in recent years: in October 2007, when three semi-trailer traction heavy trucks drove from south to north to the viaduct of Minzu East Road in Baotou City, the bridge deck suddenly overturned.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of transport, at present, the relevant persons in charge of the Ministry of transport and bridge experts are rushing to the scene of the accident.

▲ the incident section is single column pier ▲ the front and rear sections are double column piers.

The front truck carrying cottonseed broke down for maintenance, and the other three tried to overtake from the right side of the truck.

In addition, Xinhua News Agency reporters learned from Hubei Provincial Department of transportation, Hubei Provincial Department of public security and other departments, Three people were killed at the scene (including 2 construction workers who fell off the site and 1 person who fell on the truck), 4 people were injured.

The specific casualties need to be further verified, and the cause of the accident is under investigation.

The superstructure is steel box girder and continuous cast-in-situ box girder, and the substructure is double column pier and single column pier, with a design load of 55T for highway level 1.

The person in charge said that if the single column pier bridge has serious eccentric load or severe overload, torsion may occur.


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