Application model: Taking livable buildings as the basis of stone building a happy life

Once the weather changes, it will be “destroyed”.

It is still a shelter for mankind, a place for the soul, and a place for the soul of wanderers.

Therefore, when building livable buildings, we should listen to the voice of the people, understand the public opinion and solve the people’s worries.

Every brick and tile here is a resource, They can play a role, but cause a waste of resources, which seriously deviates from the current advocated construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

The most important thing is to invest a lot of money in construction.

At present, various cities are carrying out the transformation of old communities.

However, there are also bad aspects.

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However, due to its wide coverage, it is easy to encounter problems such as people’s incomprehension, which seriously affects the pace of transformation, making this “people’s livelihood welfare” become “the war of people’s livelihood” and “the pain of people’s livelihood”.

Therefore, in urban construction, we should pay attention to the length of building life.

Many buildings are idle or even destroyed after a few years.

Livable buildings, whether existing or damaged, are treasures for mankind.

Therefore, when building buildings, we should consider the local reality and combine the characteristics, which can not only highlight the regional advantages, but also reflect the local culture.

At present, the architectural styles of many characteristic towns are the same, and the architectural styles remain the same.

It is the realistic need of livable architecture to adjust measures to local conditions and consider the characteristics of the times and regions.

There are garden landscapes in the arid areas of Southwest China, bamboo buildings in the cold areas of Mobei, caves in the southeast coast, etc.

Whether the policy is good or not depends on whether the villagers cry or laugh.

In the implementation of urbanization, it is mentioned that cities make life better.

Saving energy consumption and building an environment-friendly society is the proper meaning of livable buildings.

Architecture is concrete, happiness is abstract; Architecture is rational and happiness is emotional.

Buildings are full of “temperature”, and life will be more comfortable and happier.

At present, the process of urbanization is accelerating, the speed of urban construction is very fast, and a large number of buildings are completed every year, which expands the scope of the city and increases the color of the city to a certain extent.

The whole building was seriously damaged, and the spire fell down as if it had been broken at the waist.

Livable buildings should be a combination of concrete and abstract, rational and perceptual.

For more than 2000 years, people have unlimited and rich associations with Afang palace, which has the reputation of “the first palace in the world”.

No matter how the times change, the practical function of architecture remains unchanged.

Paying attention to people’s livelihood and comprehensively understanding social conditions and public opinion are the core of livable buildings.

The most typical is large-scale demolition and construction.

It is really “falling bamboo baskets and beating eggs”, increasing the local financial burden.

Unfortunately, this luxurious palace did not leave its peerless face; Known as the “garden of ten thousand gardens”, the Yuanmingyuan, known as “the model of all gardening art”, is a grand garden with all kinds of garden styles, but it was plundered; This year, a fire broke out in Notre Dame, Paris, France.

gardens, bamboo buildings and caves are all traditional Chinese architectural forms, which contain strong regional characteristics, but do not consider the actual situation, Blindly copying and copying will only make tourists “don’t know where they are”.

They should not only have practical functions, but also have public functions, so that people can “live and enjoy”.

Architecture should also make people more livable and happier.


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