Congratulations on the successful opening ceremony of Xinshang building

Letter business always adheres to the corporate culture tenet of “faith-based and business oriented”, corrects the attitude, does not do Party A, does not do Party B, and does a good job as a service provider.

In today’s society, only cooperation can win-win results.

Since the completion of qualification and safety license on April 15, 2018, it officially began to go to the market on behalf of a construction enterprise.

The guest representative Wan Jixing said in his speech that adhering to high-quality management is the foundation of the construction industry and must be unconditionally adhered to and inherited.

With the development of continuous innovation, the upgrading of general contracting qualification was completed in 2021.

Song Guanghui, the project manager of the second project department, spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the new employees and expressed satisfaction and pride at the stormy journey and remarkable achievements of the company since its establishment three years ago.

With the passage of time, under the guidance of the host Ms.

In the development of the company, the company implements four systems management internally, focuses on building high-quality benchmark projects with brand and on-site development externally, and aims to become a well-known brand with excellent quality, industry-leading and social praise.

During the ceremony, Huang Hai, President of Henan Construction Culture Association, warmly congratulated the inauguration of the letter business and expressed his recognition and support for the letter business company.

Zhang Xiuling, the leaders and guests present jointly unveiled the relocation of Xinshang building.

At the same time, Xinshang construction and electromechanical installation division signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the ceremony, with mutual benefit, common frequency resonance, enabling growth and win-win cooperation, and the professional subcontracting field of Xinshang has officially entered a new level.

Lifting Eye

As the head of the second project department, the management should always adhere to the corporate purpose of “faith-based and business oriented”, connect the preceding and the following, do a good job as the backbone, innovate ideas, consolidate management, unite the team and enter a new journey.

The company’s team has dreams, courage, innovation, patience, unity, dare to play, work hard and forge ahead.

On December 26, 2021, Xinshang construction company grandly held the relocation and unveiling ceremony on the 16th floor of Jiangtai Tianyu International Building 3.

In his speech, Wan Yadong, general manager of Xinshang construction, thanked the leaders and guests for their presence and congratulations, and explained the company from the perspective of business, team and development.

President Zhou Chunyan of Piper Education said in his speech that letter business is a career platform worth following and willing to strive for, build a stage for entrepreneurs to fully display their talents, and share the achievements of enterprise development with employees.

He hoped that the construction cause in Henan would flourish, the future of the letter business building would be better, and I wish the letter business cooperation win-win! The development of Xinshang company is inseparable from the participation of like-minded elites.

Xinshang company is young, full of vitality and vitality, takes establishing a brand as the highest pursuit, and bases itself on the construction market, which will become stronger and stronger in the future.

Yu codex, former deputy director of Henan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, Wang Yude, former director of Regulations Department of Henan Provincial Department of construction, Huang Hai, President of Henan Construction Culture Association, Zhou Chunyan, President of papu construction vocational training school, special guests Wan Jixing, Li Haifang and other relevant leaders, Wan Yadong, general manager of Xinshang construction company and all employees of the company headquarters attended the ceremony.

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Since then, our business sector has expanded into three fields: construction labor, decoration and municipal roads, marking another innovative situation in the development of Xinshang company.

At the ceremony, the letter business school and Pap architectural vocational training school officially reached a strategic cooperation alliance, committed to cultivating professional talents, technical talents and thinking management talents, and contributing to the company’s future strategic development planning.

In future cooperation, we will adhere to “learning to achieve a brilliant life” and help everyone with dreams with high-quality and efficient courses.

Yu codex, former deputy director of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Henan Province, said in his speech that the Department of construction will give the greatest support to the experience of social owners.

In the development of the company, we should be fair and reasonable internally, perform the contract sincerely externally, explore and create efficiency and win-win cooperation.

Strengthen project management and control, achieve one into one, seek benefits from management and realize long-term development.

To be a letter person and do letter things, our business can become bigger and bigger! On the road of the future, we look forward to win-win with you!.


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