Boyu aluminum mold pursues the ultimate architectural quality

These advantages are derived from the four systems of Boyu aluminum formwork.

Product supply is fast.

It is loved by customers.

Advanced formwork production equipment and technology ① use robot automatic production equipment to ensure accurate blanking, reliable welding and stable and reliable formwork quality.

② High design level.

two   The attachment system template connecting components connect the single template into a system to form a whole (pin, pin plate and bolt).

Relying on efficient and accurate design software, combined with the company’s strict inspection and review mechanism, ensure zero errors in each project.

③ High design quality.


It has a large number of high-quality design talents to calmly deal with various office building projects, large arc projects, heterosexual structure projects, etc.

Boyu aluminum mold the aluminum mold (aluminum alloy template) produced by Boyu company is a building template made of aluminum alloy, which is manufactured and designed according to the standard module and extruded by special equipment.

In construction engineering, as an important turnover material, the selection of formwork has an important impact on the cost control, construction progress and project quality of the whole project.

The use of high-quality aluminum formwork construction system will comprehensively improve the building quality.

Project display   Project Name: Shaodong country garden Star Diamond project   Project address: Star Diamond project in ▲ Shaodong country garden, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province   Project Name: Star Yueshang City, country garden, Si county   Project address: Suzhou City, Anhui Province   ▲ Sixian country garden star Yueshang City Project   Project Name: Yangpu Anju commercial housing phase I Project   Project address: Boyu aluminum mould of Yangpu Anju commercial housing phase I project, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, strives for perfection in every detail from process to construction method, from whole to part, just to pursue the ultimate architectural quality and engineering quality.

Advantages of Boyu aluminum die 1.


Detailed design of the project: completed in 4 days at the earliest.

three   The support system plays a supporting role in the construction of concrete structure to ensure the stable support of floor, beam bottom and cantilever structure (3 sets for floor bottom, 4 sets for beam bottom and 6 sets for cantilever structure).

four   The fastening system ensures the structural width of the formwork, and no deformation, formwork expansion and formwork explosion during concrete pouring (4 back ridges of the inner wall body and 5 back ridges of the outer wall body, the wall with a span greater than 3m is provided with diagonal bracing, and the four corners need to be connected with a hoist).

It only takes 35 days from drawing signing to product delivery.

It is composed of plane formwork, corner formwork, early dismantling device, support and accessories system, which can be combined and assembled into an integral formwork with different sizes and shapes.

Swift Lift Anchors

The design team has extremely high solution ability, accumulating and innovating many excellent aluminum mold design schemes, such as aluminum mold design scheme for drift window slope making, large settlement hanging mold chamfer design scheme, etc.

The project profile has a unified tongue and groove structure, and the integrated profile is preferred.

Boyu aluminum mold system 1   The formwork system forms the sealing surface required for the construction of concrete structure to ensure the formation of building structure during concrete pouring.

③ All the formworks are sealed inside to ensure that the concrete forming contact surface is smooth and smooth and the forming quality is good.

▲ product effect display today, with the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, Boyu company focuses on intelligent construction, constantly explores the cutting-edge mode of architectural development, and has unique competitive advantages compared with other aluminum mold production companies.

▲   Compared with traditional wood formwork, Boyu aluminum formwork has advanced technology, and has advantages in construction efficiency, construction cycle, maintenance cost, personnel requirements, mechanical requirements and reuse times.

Advantages of technical system ① short design cycle.

The industrialization and assembly of products are realized, and the construction efficiency is greatly improved.

② The process of local reinforcement of formwork makes the formwork have the characteristics of strong deformation resistance and high flatness.

As a rising star in the aluminum mold industry, the company will continue to break through its own innovative spirit, subvert the tradition, lead the future development direction of the industry, and build people’s better life by offering high-quality products and professional services!.



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