Building structure | 41 people were treated! Shanxi Linfen “8.29” major collapse accident investigation report released!

After the accident, the Shanxi provincial Party committee and the provincial government attached great importance to it and appointed Hu Yuting, executive vice governor and he Tiancai, vice governor, to lead the working group to the scene to command the rescue.

On August 29, 2020, Li Jiafu and Li Jiaxu, villagers of Anli village, Taosi Township, Xiangfen County, held a birthday banquet for their father at Juxian Hotel, Chenzhuang village, Xiangfen County, and booked 25 tables.

After many illegal additions, the load-bearing brick columns and the roof on the second floor of the north building were seriously overloaded.

① in 1993, three bungalows on the south side were built, with a construction area of 79.15 square meters, for living and storage.

The main components are South Building, North building, west room, banquet hall and steel structure daylighting ceiling.

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At about 9:40, the banquet hall and some houses in the North Building suddenly collapsed.

④ in 1999, a bungalow on the west side was built, with a construction area of 91.53 square meters Meters, used as a hotel kitchen.

According to local customs, breakfast and lunch are arranged for the birthday banquet, with more than 70 people having breakfast.

There are no derivative accidents and secondary disasters in the rescue process.

After investigation, the direct cause of the accident was the poor integrity of the building structure of Juxian hotel.

Medical treatment and aftermath disposal.


Shanxi emergency, public security, housing and construction, natural resources, health and other departments, Linfen municipal Party committee and government and their relevant departments immediately launched emergency response, quickly organized more than 540 people from 13 detachment including national comprehensive fire rescue team, armed police, local professional team and social rescue force, and mobilized more than 20 large rescue equipment vehicles to carry out rescue; Use life detectors, search and rescue dogs, manual search and other methods to search for trapped people; Set up temporary medical treatment points at the scene of the accident, deploy more than 100 medical personnel and 15 ambulances, and carry out medical treatment and treatment in time; 24 epidemic prevention personnel, 3 vehicles and 1 UAV were dispatched to carry out epidemic prevention and killing at the accident site.

A total of 57 trapped people were searched and rescued, of which 28 were injured (4 critically ill, 6 critically ill and 18 general symptoms) and 29 were killed (see Figure 1 for the location map of the victims).

At present, his vital signs are stable; All 29 victims were buried before September 10.

Xiangfen county Party committee and government set up 42 special work classes to appease and compensate the families of the victims and the injured.

At about 9:40 on August 29, 2020, a collapse accident occurred in Juxian Hotel, Chenzhuang village, Taosi Township, Xiangfen County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, resulting in 29 deaths and 28 injuries and a direct economic loss of 11.6435 million yuan (click the building structure – collapse of a hotel in Shanxi Province, resulting in 29 deaths.

on August 30.

The overall building structure is brick concrete structure, and some parts are frame structure.

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Emergency rescue.

5 for the construction diagram) All the previous constructions were undertaken by unqualified contractors according to Qi Jianhua’s requirements, or Qi Jianhua hired relatives and friends to build by themselves, without professional design, project supervision, completion acceptance and relevant data.

The building where Juxian hotel is located was first built in 1993, and then expanded for 8 times.

At 10:02, the County Emergency Management Bureau immediately reported to the main leaders of the county after receiving the report, and informed the armed police, blue sky rescue team and other rescue forces to rush to the scene.

The collapse part of the accident was the banquet hall, the South half of the second floor of the North Building and the steel structure daylighting ceiling The building area of some houses is 252.59m2.

Accident process.

② in 1994, three bungalows on the south side were built One room, with a construction area of 79.15 square meters, is used for hotel operation.

For the operators of Juxian Hotel, the public security organ shall take criminal coercive measures according to law, and impose a fine on Juxian hotel in accordance with relevant regulations, order them to return the illegally occupied land and dismantle the houses built on the illegally occupied land within a time limit; The 41 public officials involved in the accident were given party discipline and government punishment or admonition, criticism and education, order inspection and other treatment measures.

After breakfast, 59 people played poker and chatted in the banquet hall, and about 20 people watched the theater in the backyard of the north building, waiting for the lunch.

The main construction of the current South building was completed, which is mainly used to expand hotel operation.

After investigation, it was found that the accident was due to illegal land occupation and construction, and blind reconstruction and expansion for many times without professional design and qualified construction, resulting in serious defects in the quality of building engineering, Production safety responsibility accidents leading to the collapse of some buildings in business activities.


It was contracted by Zhang lining, a villager of the village..

The medical security team of the headquarters adopts the method of “one person, one scheme, one person, one group and one person, one file” to treat the wounded with all its strength.

Building functions: the banquet hall and the first floor of the north building are used for hotel operation, the west room is kitchen, the second floor of the South Building and the second floor of the north building are residential rooms, and the first floor of the south building is sundry room (see Figure 2 for the model of Juxian Hotel) The hotel was first opened in 1995, and its business license was renewed in 2003.

Juxian hotel is operated by Qi Jianhua, a villager of Chenzhuang village, Taosi Township, Xiangfen county.

At the same time, the impact of heavy rainfall was not ruled out, resulting in the overall collapse.

Party committees, governments and relevant departments at the municipal and county levels shall immediately start emergency response, establish a temporary headquarters on the rescue site and carry out rescue.

2、 Basic information of Juxian Hotel (I) overview of the hotel.

It is located in the west of Chenzhuang village and the north of taoyun Line Road (35 ° 53 ′ 45.78 ″ north latitude and 111 ° 31 ′ 03.73 ″ east longitude).

On August 16, Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department released the investigation report on the “August 29” major collapse accident of Juxian hotel in Xiangfen County, Linfen City.

After 18 hours of hard rescue, the rescue work was completed at 3:52 a.m.

At the time of the accident, a total of 57 people were trapped in the banquet hall except 2 people who escaped by themselves.

At 9:42 on August 29, the 110 command center of Xiangfen County Public Security Bureau immediately coordinated the police station, public security brigade, fire rescue brigade and 120 medical personnel to the scene after receiving the report that “the house of Juxian hotel in Chenzhuang village, Taosi Township collapsed and more than ten people were trapped”.

It was contracted by Zhang lining, a villager of the village.

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Fixing Socket Waved End Nail Plate

After receiving individual guests for half a year, its business model was adjusted to only undertake all kinds of banquets, with a maximum reception capacity of 27 tables and about 200 people.

The National Health Commission sent 4 and the Provincial Health Commission sent 20 medical experts to guide the local treatment of the wounded.


They were built by Qi Jianhua and his relatives.

Accident process, rescue and aftermath disposal.

4 for the section of the collapsed part) (II) construction.

Why are rural housing safety accidents frequent? Check the details of the accident).

3 for the plan of the collapsed part and Fig.

The original text is as follows: 1.

It is a rural two-story building built by Qi Jianhua on his family contract responsibility field, covering an area of 1146.09m2 (including the north courtyard, totaling 1.72 mu), with a total construction area of 1157.05m2 (including steel structure daylighting ceiling area) The total investment is about 390000 yuan.

As of September 30, 27 of the 28 injured have been cured and discharged, and one critically ill has been hospitalized in the first hospital of Shanxi Medical University.

It was built on the existing scale in 2016, with a construction time span of 23 years (see Fig.

(see Fig.

③ in 1996, two two two-story houses were built on the west side of the two-story building on the south side, with a construction area of 122.87 square meters.

The chef was Qi Jianhua’s family, and temporary service staff were employed when undertaking banquets.

It was built by Qi Jianhua and his relatives.


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