Association’s market reminder of protective articles: key points for safe operation of special construction workers – scaffolders

(5) The scaffold shall be erected from one end to the other end, or from the middle to both sides at the same time.

(12) When removing the scaffold shear brace, the middle buckle shall be removed first, and the middle operator shall move down the pipe fitting.

(3) The risk of scaffold collapse is not erected according to the requirements, too many steel pipes are stacked on the scaffold, the spacing between structural members is too large, and the foundation is unstable, resulting in the instability and collapse of the scaffold.

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(10) Before removing the support, check whether there are sundries, wires, water pipes and other temporary facilities on the support, which must be removed after cleaning.

2 basic requirements for scaffolders (1) be at least 18 years old and not more than 55 years old, and be healthy and meet the requirements for work at heights.

The scaffold shall be removed after the whole or several layers of wall connecting parts are removed, resulting in uneven stress of the scaffold system and collapse.

The following editor will introduce the safety precautions of scaffolders in the construction process.

In order to prevent all kinds of accidents in the process of scaffold work and ensure construction safety, the construction unit must attach great importance to the safety training and education of scaffolders, so that scaffolders can predict the accident prone and high risk points in operation in advance and reduce the probability of accidents.

It is strictly prohibited to work up and down at the same time.


No.3 safety requirements for shelf work (1) accept construction scheme disclosure and safety technical disclosure before construction.

Safety requirements for scaffold removal: (9) during scaffold removal, safety warning lines and warning signs shall be set, and special personnel shall be assigned for supervision.

No.1 safety risk analysis the shelf work industry mainly has the following risks: (1) risk of falling from height: failure to wear safety belt when climbing or walking on bars, and body imbalance lead to falling accidents from height; The quality of bars or fasteners is unqualified, and the deformation or fracture after bearing leads to falling accidents.

Non operators are strictly prohibited to enter.

PVC Chamfer

The removed rods, components and fittings shall be transported to the ground mechanically or manually, and throwing is strictly prohibited.

(8) It is strictly prohibited to play on the scaffold surface, walk backward or sit on the steel pipe to rest.

Scaffolders are those who use erection tools to erect steel pipes, fixtures and other materials into operation platforms, safety railings, derricks, hanging baskets, support frames, etc., and can remove them correctly.

(6) During the erection of the rack, the transfer rod shall be transferred by more than one person.

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(7) In the process of scaffold erection, it shall be ensured that the erection personnel have a safe operation position, and the operation platform shall meet the requirements.

(2) Operators shall abide by the safety regulations for work at heights.

(11) Scaffold removal must be carried out layer by layer from top to bottom.

(14) The dismantled components and fittings shall be stacked by category for transportation, maintenance and storage.

Wear safety helmet, safety belt and anti-skid shoes during operation.

In order to improve the effect of safety training, it is necessary to improve the pertinence and interest of training courses, fundamentally change the expression form of training content, and attract operators to learn safety knowledge independently.

Safety requirements for scaffold erection: (3) before scaffold erection, check the foundation plane, the erection site shall be flat and solid, the drainage shall be smooth, and there shall be no ponding; (4) Before operation, the steel pipe, fastener, scaffold board and adjustable support shall be inspected to see whether there is weld junction cracking, serious corrosion, distortion and deformation of the rod and its accessories; In the same scaffold, materials of different materials and specifications shall not be mixed.

Drilling and welding are strictly prohibited on steel pipes.

(2) In the process of object strike risk erection, steel pipes, fasteners, U-shaped supports and other components and tools fall and hurt people; When removing the shelf, it violates the operating procedures and arbitrarily removes the firmware in advance or throws the removed rod, resulting in an object strike accident.

(13) The dismantling of scaffold shall not be hit or pried by heavy hammer.

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(2) The special operation certificate issued by the relevant competent department must be obtained and within the validity period.


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