Architecture | Chinese architecture listed in the top 10 architecture list of foreign media in 2021

Let’s see what they have next? It was honored as CSCEC 01 in the list of 2021 TOP10 buildings by foreign media Design of Liangzhu campus of China Academy of Fine Arts: extraordinary building location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang is in Liangzhu, and students live on the workshop.

In the design concept of M +, the horizontal volume suspended above the “industrial” landscape accommodates more traditional exhibition space, and almost all galleries are arranged based on orthogonal grids.

Architectural design of banduoyun artist reception hall: Interior Design of Yunnan Yicheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd.: Hong Kong Zhengzhong design office location: banduoyun is located in the core area of red brick buildings in Dongfeng Yun town.

Shanghai planetarium design: Ennead architectural design office location: in the design process, Shanghai architectural designers hope to create an existence that can fully integrate the functions of the planetarium and the architectural entity, so that the building itself has teaching significance.

Interest society is a form of students’ self-study courses.

Design of Shanghai Qingpu Pinghe Bilingual School: open architecture office location: the campus in Shanghai is designed by open architecture office.


Design of Shanghai Pudong Art Museum: Jean Nouvel architecture office location: Shanghai Pudong art museum is located in the riverside core area of XiaoLuJiaZui, the designer of Pudong Art Museum Jean Nouvel, the Pritzker Prize winner, put forward the concept of “domain”: “I hope the Pudong art museum is like a sculpture quietly integrated into the vast land.

Therefore, Ennead architectural office puts forward a grand design concept, that is, abandoning straight lines or right angles, It truly reflects the geometric form of the universe and the dynamic energy of celestial body movement.

Recently, the well-known foreign architectural media designboom announced that museum, education, public art space and other architectural types have entered the top 10 architectural list in 2021, and many Chinese buildings have entered the list.


Architects hope to promote the idea of “life is education” to students through architecture, which is the core concept behind Liangzhu campus planning and workshop design.

Cast In Loop

The central square provides direct access to each exhibition area.


Design of Tianjin Julia College: dillerscofidio + Renfro location: the main building of Tianjin Julia college consists of four multi facade venues, with a 690 seat concert hall, 299 seat concert hall, 225 seat black box theater, administration, teaching staff and rehearsal space.

Without a steel bar or a nail, the Utopia on this red soil is completely built from local red bricks and returns to nature.

When people look at the past, they don’t think it is an independent building, but continues with the ground, scenery and space sketches, which are naturally connected.” Connecting the riverside footpath with an art corridor bridge is an important building structure connecting the “riverside core area of XiaoLuJiaZui” of Pudong Art Museum..

The whole planetarium and its three main buildings, the round hole skylight, the inverted dome and the celestial sphere, jointly interpret the basic law of the operation of celestial bodies (sun, moon and stars).

Half a cloud the whole building itself is like a giant art installation.

The vertical layout of workshops, public spaces and dormitories from bottom to top integrates students’ life and learning, reflecting the concept of “campus is community”.

The dormitory is called “school house” because it sets up a space for students to spontaneously organize “interest society”.

The architect hopes to make the campus a vibrant organism by creating this village and community atmosphere and experience.


The architect scattered the daunting building volume and endowed each building in the campus with distinct and unique character and function to meet the perception and needs of children of different ages for space.

2021 is fleeting and 2022 is quietly coming.

M + Museum Design: Herzog & demeuron location: Hong Kong m + is not only a new museum, but also a cultural center integrating art, design, architecture and dynamic images of the 20th and 21st centuries.


The outer wall is thick, the curve is round, stacked, concave and convex, like half a cloud in the sky.

The five glass corridor bridges span the open public space, which integrates the building with the surrounding parks to facilitate students, tourists and concert audiences to communicate with each other, relax and enjoy students’ rehearsals and informal performances.


It not only continues the architectural style created by architect Luo Xu, but also skillfully integrates the artdeco decorative style and maintains its own characteristics.


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