[jianjiantong] the suspension of the project exceeds 30%, or more than 60% after the 15th day of the twelfth lunar month

The concrete output of the sample concrete production enterprises in 2021 decreased by 8.81% compared with that in 2020, and the annual payment collection proportion decreased from 70% in 2020 to 56% in 2021.

The overall recovery was general in the fourth quarter, and there was no obvious centralized rush in many places.

Northwest and North China projects have a large proportion of downtime, 63.08% and 71.64% respectively.

The construction has been normal in recent times, and there is no plan to stop work in advance.

Most of the projects with good funds indicate normal construction, and the holidays will not be normal until the Spring Festival.

In the case of long-term high material prices and unsatisfactory payment collection, the construction progress in most of the year was significantly lower than that in the same period last year.

The fund situation is poor, and the payment is mainly urged after the project stoppage.

Recently, positive cases have been found in some cities in Henan Province.

In addition, the transportation of continuous air quality early warning materials in some cities is tight, and the project progress is greatly affected.

Approaching the Spring Festival, the Centennial construction network conducted a survey on the construction progress of some projects across the country.

In the process of construction investigation, most construction units said that there was no obvious rush.

Recently, the price of materials has fallen.

During the period of multi place control in Shaanxi Province, the project was shut down.

The survey data show that 36.9% of the projects have been shut down.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the normal holidays will begin one after another, and the proportion of shutdown projects in the next one to two weeks will continue to increase significantly.

The reasons for the suspension of non key projects are mostly fund collection and the return of migrant workers in some areas.

However, for non key projects, the construction progress has slowed down significantly.

Most of the work stoppage projects are concentrated in housing construction projects.

In Central China, 44.81% of the projects have been shut down, most of which are concentrated in Henan Province.

With the introduction of return management measures in various regions, it is expected that the proportion of returning labor services will increase greatly in a short time, The proportion of work stoppage will increase significantly in the next week.

The proportion of project stoppage in South China is 24.24%.

After August, the output value of capacity utilization remained at the difference of 6-8 percentage points for most of the time.

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The proportion of work stoppage in Southwest China is 44.17%.

At this stage, it is necessary to catch up with the normal progress of some projects.

Most construction units are currently under normal construction.

The feedback of most enterprises for normal construction projects is as follows: 1.

In addition, due to the recent rain and snow weather, road icing and other factors, some projects have been shut down, Among the sample projects, more than half of the projects in Henan Province have been shut down, accounting for 51.9%.

Sample description: this round of survey is from January 5 to 6, with a total of 14890 construction projects, accounting for 31.43% in East China, 15.96% in South China, 15.51% in Central China, 9% in North China, 19.37% in Southwest China and 8.83% in Northwest China.

In the first ten days of May 2021, the price of construction steel increased continuously, and nearly 60% of the construction units adjusted the construction progress.

The control efforts in the province have been significantly strengthened, and the transportation of materials in the control area and surrounding areas are limited.

Although the payment collection is not ideal, the project is still under normal construction to ensure the progress of the project.

Most projects are under normal construction, and the construction of key projects still maintains normal progress.

Considering the current epidemic prevention situation in various regions, the feeling of returning migrant workers from other places is getting stronger.

After entering may, the capacity utilization rate of concrete enterprises in the Centennial construction network began to be continuously lower than that in the same period last year in 2020.

Most of the key projects in Hunan Province and Hubei Province are under normal construction, and there is no plan to stop work in advance.

In addition, due to the poor payment collection caused by the “thunderstorm of real estate enterprises” and the impact of multi-point recurrence of the epidemic, the construction progress in most regions was significantly lower than that in the same period of 2020, The concrete capacity utilization rate of sample enterprises of Centennial construction network shows that after entering may, the capacity utilization rate of concrete enterprises began to be continuously lower than that of the same period last year in 2020.

Under the low temperature weather in North China, strict air quality control, slow construction progress and poor capital situation, most projects have been shut down one after another.

In terms of subregions, the proportion of work stoppage in North China and Northwest China is large, exceeding 60%, and most projects in East China and South China are still under normal construction.

From January 5 to 6, Centennial construction network conducted a survey on 14890 construction projects under construction in China.

In terms of project types, housing construction accounts for a large proportion of suspended projects, most of the key projects are still under normal construction, and some key projects are planned not to be suspended during the Spring Festival this year.

The capital situation in most regions decreased significantly.

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Construction communication media ID: jianzhong001 in 2021, the price of construction steel continued to be high, the price of cement and other materials rose sharply after September, and the construction cost increased as a whole.


Among the reasons for shutdown, poor fund collection, epidemic prevention and control, return of labor workers, low temperature weather and air quality early warning account for the most.

The shutdown rate of sample projects in East China is 17.74%.

The epidemic prevention and control time period in some regions in the middle of the year has delayed part of the construction period.


People’s livelihood and other key projects account for a large proportion, and there is a certain guarantee in terms of funds.

After entering the fourth quarter, the heat of “rush for construction period” in previous years decreased significantly.

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