Ten most serious construction accidents in history

This 59 storey, 279 meter high building with a 45 ° inclined top and a unique stilt base was designed by architect Hugh stubbins and structural engineer William LeMesurier.

Impact of the accident: on April 25, 2013, the day after the accident, the Bangladesh government designated this day as a national day of mourning.

Solution and Reflection: many complaints make the concert hall have to spend another sum of money.

Employees who refused to go to work would be deducted one month’s salary.

“—— Elizabeth Valmont..

2 “the Citigroup Center” engineering background: Citigroup Center was the tallest skyscraper in New York City at that time.

Even in outdoor public places, high temperature and fire will lead to high temperature Wen.

According to the New York building code, LeMesurier only calculates the bearing capacity under horizontal loads in X and Y directions.

Solution: after that, the building began to be reinforced secretly.

In order to solve the defects of connecting nodes, a large number of welders carried out welding at night to strengthen the connection of the building, while a series of activities of the building were carried out as usual during the day.

These buildings must be simulated or tested in advance to avoid obvious overheating of surrounding buildings.

“Buildings obviously have an impact on the surrounding environment.

Let’s take a look at the story behind the ten most serious construction accidents in history.

As more and more reflective surfaces are used, the danger increases, especially those with concave surfaces.

While mourning for these people, as designers, we should also understand the causes of these engineering accidents and take warning.

The heavy casualties also replaced the collapse of Sanfeng department store in South Korea in 1995 and became the disaster with the largest number of casualties in the collapse of buildings in the world.

Whether it is due to hidden dangers in structure and materials or functional defects, it will have serious consequences.

This led to a series of engineering disasters later…

Elephant Foot Ferrule

Accident process: on April 23, 2013, a TV channel recorded a video showing cracks in the building.

After supplementary calculation, under the strong wind of 45 degrees, the wind load increases by 40%, resulting in a 160% increase in the load at the herringbone support connection, and the building may be blown down.

Through computer analysis, it is easy to refract light to several roofs in people’s activity area, and reduce its brightness by sand blasting, so as to avoid the same problem from happening again.

They can greatly change the microclimate.

In order to reduce the effect of wind load, a 7m3 tuned mass damper is installed on the roof, that is, TMD, which can reduce the displacement under wind load by 50%.

After the collapse, only the first floor on the ground was intact.

He also found that there was spontaneous combustion in garbage cans.

It is the fourth building of Los Angeles Music Center, designed by Frank Gehry, winner of Pritzker Architecture Award.

The weight and vibration of heavy machinery aggravate the overload of the building structure.

Cause of accident: the fifth to eighth floors of the whole building were built without permission.

Subsequently, the people in the building were evacuated immediately, and the shops and banks on the lower floors were closed.

From: laituo design (ID: lailiaosheji) this article has been authorized as one of the ten most serious construction accidents in history.

Engineering crisis: at an academic conference, a young college student pointed out that the four giant columns of the building are arranged in the middle of the four sides of the building, not the four corners of the building, so the direction of skew 45 degrees is the most unfavorable direction for the stress of the structure.

Initially, Gary designed a Disney Concert Hall made of stone, but when they saw the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, they had to use metal materials.

“Project background: Walt Disney Concert Hall is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

3 Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Later that day, sohel Rana, the owner of the building, told the media that the building was safe and workers should return tomorrow.

Human beings have created many incredible buildings, but these outstanding achievements are not without mistakes.

After 19 days of search, it was determined that 1127 people were killed and about 2500 people were injured.

the next day.

Finally, the building collapsed near 9 a.m.

The conductor of the concert hall also said that he had seen warning triangles for construction on the opposite street many times, which melted due to high heat.

The main hall can accommodate 2265 seats, the 266 seat Roy Disney theater and a small theater with more than 100 seats.

All kinds of construction accidents will occur every year all over the world , many people even lost their lives.

It opened on October 24, 2003.

▽ 1 savarbuilding collapses in sawa District, Bangladesh > > accident Description: on April 24, 2013, an 8-storey building in sawa Township, Dhaka City, Bangladesh collapsed.

Moreover, in order to facilitate the construction, the steel structure connection has been changed from the original welding to bolt connection, which further weakens the tensile bearing capacity of the structural connection.

Reflective events: after the completion of the concert hall, concave convex polished stainless steel plates, such as a large mirror, reflected the hot sunshine to the surrounding apartments or roads, resulting in a rise in temperature and causing complaints.

From the original commercial use, the building is used for industrial use.


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