Announcement on 2021 school recruitment + social recruitment of units directly under CSCEC

Provide technology promotion business in the field of new materials for enterprises and parks, and promote online and offline scientific and technological innovation services; 2.

Follow up the implementation progress of the project and organize and promote the work with the Department; 7.

Customer oriented, good communication and execution skills and language skills Ability to express and handle public relations, and respond quickly to relevant information and project development of the company; 5.

Bachelor degree or above, unlimited majors, Party members and student cadres are preferred, and those who participate in internal and external subject projects are preferred; 3.

of building materials industry [job requirements] 1.

There are household registration indicators, which require 985 / 211 college students whether they can settle down for interview..

There are household registration indicators, requiring 985 / 211 or overseas returnees.

The research work is generally from Monday to Friday, not taking up the weekend.

Those who are interested need to participate in on-site research for no less than one month, As an internship investigation (internship salary: 100-150 yuan / day).

Whether they can settle depends on the situation.

Customer development and maintenance, mainly for major universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and parks in the field of new materials; 3.

[job requirements] 1.

[deadline] 2022-03-28 planning consultant [Job Responsibilities] preparation of industrial policy and Industrial Economic Research Report, strategic planning, regional planning, park planning, enterprise planning, feasibility study report, fund application report, project proposal, etc.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

Be able to travel for an average of more than 5 working days per month 5.

It has become a comprehensive industrial research and consulting organization with the widest professional coverage and the strongest research strength in the building materials industry.

It is the only national comprehensive industry consulting organization in the national building materials industry.

Have a strong knowledge of macroeconomic and material industry policies, and have a certain ability of macro analysis, industry analysis, policy prediction, strategy, planning and other research; have a strong ability to interpret macroeconomic policies at home and abroad and a certain depth of thinking; 2.

Positive working attitude, strong dedication and sense of responsibility, and can adapt to short-term business trips; 4.

The scope of research and consultation of the Planning Institute / information center covers the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, quality improvement and efficiency improvement of the industries such as non-metallic mining, cement, glass, ceramics, Fang Jian materials, and the Internet plus.

In depth exchanges and cooperation with the financial industry; 6.

At the same time, it also provides domestic and foreign industry development information, energy efficiency evaluation of building materials, comprehensive utilization evaluation of resources, project cost and standard quota, big data of industry development, enterprise management innovation, industrial design innovation and other services for the government, industry and enterprises.

Be healthy and have the physical and psychological quality to perform the post responsibilities.

It is now under the custody of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and entrusted to China Building Materials Federation.

• China building materials industry planning and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Planning Institute) was established with the approval of the State Council in January 1979.

Strong interpersonal and social skills Communication skills 3.

Be honest, diligent, conscientious, have good team spirit, and have good initiative, enthusiasm and creativity in work Material science and economics background is preferred.

It is a fully funded institution directly under the former state building materials administration.

“Integration of industrialization and industrialization”, and inorganic non-metallic new material industry supporting national strategic emerging industries.

The basic requirements for recruitment are as follows: 1.

High political quality, good ideological and moral character, law-abiding and good professional ethics; 2.

Special attention: the Department will go to Hebei Province to carry out large-scale on-site research from November to December 2020.

Be able to accept the distribution method of performance salary is quantitative assessment 6.

Have a strong sense of market and customer service, and have a good ability of data collection, data analysis and reporting Writing, market development, customer communication and presentation skills, with high comprehensive quality; 3.

Unity, cooperation and mutual assistance among teams, accept and complete all temporary or routine work assigned by superior leaders on time.

Under the age of 26; 2.

Have strong learning ability and can quickly master relevant technical information; 6.

• The Planning Institute / Information Center has 122 on-the-job employees, including 100 professional and technical personnel, more than 30 doctoral tutors and professor level senior experts enjoying special government subsidies, more than 20 senior engineers and senior economists, and nearly 20 professional and technical personnel with professional qualifications such as registered consultants, registered structural engineers and registered cost engineers.

Timely follow up customers, timely understand, collect and feed back market information, and be responsible for the collection and sorting of customer information in the field; 4 Carry out technical promotion including introduction of product technical system, product advantages, technical analysis, technical scheme, etc; 5.

Those with good appearance and temperament or good drinking capacity are preferred.

Strong writing skills 4.

Working area: Beijing / Xicheng District Campus Recruitment post details: technical promotion specialist [Job Responsibilities] 1.

With the approval of China Building Materials Federation in December 2012, the Planning Institute and the building materials industry The two units of the Information Center (hereinafter referred to as information center) are reorganized, unified and managed, and optimized in resources.

[deadline] January 15, 2022 education requirements of Consulting Engineer: Bachelor degree or above; unlimited salary: 8000-12000; welfare: five insurances and one fund; reasonable sick leave and personal leave; regular department group construction; generally no overtime; lunch; non Beijing settlement dormitory (near the unit); Job Description: the main business of the department falls into three categories: one is pre project consultation (preparation of project feasibility study report, project fund application report and technical analysis report); the second is the preparation of industrial planning and park planning; the third is the promotion and application of new technology.

In addition to participating in the preparation of consulting report, new employees need to cooperate with the Department Director in market development.


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