Water supply and drainage – setting place of frequency conversion water supply equipment for high-rise buildings


Daily water for enterprises, public institutions, hotels, office buildings, department stores, large saunas, hospitals, schools, gyms, golf courses, airports, etc.

Others: water supply transformation in the form of old pool water supply; 5.




The built pool can be provided by non negative pressure water supply equipment or frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment shared with the pool to further save energy.

The transformation of the original pneumatic water supply equipment can make full use of the original pressure water tank.

Water intake works of various circulating systems and medium pressure pump stations.

Water for production, washing equipment, food industry, factories, industrial and mining production; 4.

Therefore, to sum up, the application scope of frequency conversion water supply equipment is also divided according to the building type, and the selection of specific product type shall be determined according to the basic situation of the project…

Plate Bolt Anchor

Domestic water for residents such as high-rise buildings, residential areas and villas; 6.


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