A good example around me 𞓜 Wang zhouyu, landscape architecture class of 2019 Department of architectural environmental art

Although time is moving forward, it moves forward in a certain space In the past, it has its characteristics and regularity, so it has become a common thing for me to repeat the same thing in the past two years.

In order to further explore the new mode of Ideological and political work in Colleges and universities in the new era, combined with the theme education of “learning party history and bearing in mind the mission”, give full play to the important role of peer education in college students’ Ideological and political education, lead college students to grow up healthily, and enhance college students’ awareness of self-education, self-management and self-service, The Department of architectural and environmental arts attaches great importance to students’ Ideological and political education, organizes students’ peer ideological and political education as “a good example around me”, builds a peer education platform for students, and helps students develop in an all-round way.

In this issue, the protagonist Wang zhouyu is from the 2019 landscape class of the Department of architectural and environmental art.

Finally, I wish you good health and academic success! Awards won the 9th epidemic student homework conference in 2019-2020 academic year The first prize of the exhibition was awarded the special scholarship in the 2019-2020 academic year, and was rated as an excellent three good student in the 2019-2020 academic year.

I’m wang zhouyu from the 2019 landscape class of the Department of architectural and environmental art.

I usually use repeated recording and repeated perception.

Hello, everyone.

People’s activity area is limited, so the vertical range of perceived things is reduced.

  There are three advantages worth mentioning in the cultivation of perception.

Secondly, in life, our empathy ability has been improved, so there is a general change – we are better at listening and listening around us People and things around us, from rejection to listening, from listening to understanding.

In the process of perception, we will gradually become open-minded and kind.

It is not only a single aspect of hearing sound to produce color or taste, but also a universal and multifaceted perception, even emotional and spiritual perception.

In information input After, the second step should be induction and summary.

It is easier for peers to exert the educational influence of Party members.

This “peer education” will be further carried out in classrooms, dormitories and other places of our department.

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Zhu Guangqian, and in this realm, it is easy to produce aesthetic feeling.

The image of Party members in the class will drive the overall learning atmosphere of the whole class, and the image of Party members in the dormitory will drive the good living atmosphere of the whole dormitory students, so as to keep up with the excellence and the role models around them, so as to enhance the sense of responsibility of Party members and students Sense of mission and honor, and finally achieve the goal of “emphasizing culture, sharing, promoting harmony and common growth” “The civilized image of the campus”.

I think it’s a good thing to remind us to remain modest and diligent, and be curious and enthusiastic about life.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, it won the first prize of the 10th student holiday homework report exhibition.

As a student of the Academy of fine arts, the cultivation of aesthetic feeling should be the first step in learning, so perception should be the first step in learning.

There are many methods in this step.

In the life of a large number of information media interaction, it is easy to ignore the importance of smell, taste and touch to produce value.

The recommended bibliographies for work display are Chinese five colors, Yuanye, landscape design – from concept to form, landscape design elements and the history of Chinese classical gardens Later: Mao Weiyi checked by: Li Runhua reviewed by: Ren Luhao..

We often maintain a sensitive state, so we have more creativity.

In most cases, daily things are inspiration, works of art and laws in our eyes…

The advantage of repetition is to constantly sort out logic and cause and effect, help us clarify the context of things, and analyze the changing and key factors in the big context, so as to help us summarize, analyze and innovate in the future   I haven’t found out the next steps yet, but in the repetition of the first two steps, I just learned the fur of knowledge and life.

Finally, in our state of mind, we will become more independent, because we have a rich world of endless observation and experience, waiting to be discovered, recorded and created, so we are not easy to feel lonely and helpless.

The first step is “input information” In daily learning, I think the most important thing is “perception” , perception is the first step in learning this program block diagram.

Under the normal condition of audio-visual information reception, taking smell as an example, different objects will emit different odors at different stages, and when our “eyes” In the process of paying constant attention to the smell, it is easy to enter the realm of the blending of things and me described by Mr.

I’ll briefly explain it from several steps.

First, in terms of skills, synaesthesia will be improved to a certain extent.

This ability is very conducive to our artistic creation, because in such a world In life, information is enriched and processed to a large extent.

In fact, this is likely to be a common state in the post epidemic period.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to share some learning experience and discuss with you.


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