Intermediate title of power design_ Power design in Architectural Design Institute

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Answer 1: it is different in different cities, It is determined according to the number of building floors for direct water supply specified by the water department.

For example, a water plant supplies water to the outside, and its design pressure is 0.5MPa, which is the highest and easy to hit 0.5MPa.

Every additional floor above the second floor increases by 4m.

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Answer 1: mainly write down the work content, achievements and deficiencies, Finally, put forward reasonable suggestions or new efforts…….

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Problem description intermediate title of power design? Power design in Architectural Design Institute? Electrical is metaphysics.

Request: summary of work for intermediate professional title of pressure vessel design.

Answer 3: working pressure refers to the pressure that the water supply system needs to overcome the water self weight \ flow resistance \ use requirements to meet the 100m high head.

The first floor is 10m and the second floor is 12m.

Some urban planning departments stipulate that if users cannot be directly connected from the municipal pipe network and a pool must be built to pressurize the water supply, the pressure of the municipal pipe network is not necessary to be so high, but the minimum water head must meet the municipal fire protection requirements.

For example, it is required to supply water to 6 ~ 7 floors, and the minimum water supply pressure is 28m.

Answer 2: design pressure and working pressure are a little difficult to understand.

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Fixing Socket Cross Pin

As for the multiple, it is the value required by the regulations..

Answer 1: electricity is metaphysics, which is better.

The design pressure is generally higher than the working pressure; The test pressure is the tightness test for the completed pipeline, and its pressure basis is from the design pressure.

However, in practical application, only 0.35Mpa is enough, so his normal working pressure is 0.35Mpa.


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