Why can’t the construction qualification pass the approval? What are the advantages of qualification agency?


At the same time, it is also necessary to buy social security for personnel and submit social security payment certificates.

The above is the introduction of the benefits of the construction qualification agency.

If you don’t make good preparations, don’t apply blindly.

If the enterprise chooses to handle it on its own, it can package the work safety license and qualification together, which is much cheaper than handling the work safety license alone later.

Delayed training of three types of water conservancy personnel 8.

For the submitted materials, the enterprise needs to pay attention to the format of the materials, carefully check whether the information of the materials is wrong, and be sure to fill in and prepare according to the requirements, otherwise it is a pity that the approval is not passed.

If they apply for it themselves, they need to spend additional money.

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If you have any questions about the qualification agency, you are welcome to consult us at any time: 1.

Eight major construction personnel 2.


In case of insufficient employees, it is necessary to spend money to cooperate with employees.

Three types of construction personnel 3.

Employees have to pay social security anyway.

Next, the editor of the construction qualification network will talk to you about the benefits of qualification agency? 1、 The agency companies know more about the new policies.

If you don’t understand the qualification application, it’s recommended to find a qualification agency company.

If the new policy spends more money, the agent will prepare in advance to reduce unnecessary expenses.

The requirements for personnel who fail to meet the standards to apply for construction qualification are also very high, which will involve the number, specialty, professional title and performance of personnel.

2、 Make full use of existing personnel, rich personnel resources, new qualifications need to be equipped with certain personnel, and the personnel cost is generally the largest part of the application cost.

Due to frequent cooperation, the price will be lower and they can meet the demand with less money.

In addition, you can also apply for technical certificates for employees and apply for qualification as skilled workers.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

Vocational skill level identification of the Ministry of human resources and social security (primary, intermediate and advanced) : electrician, carpenter, crane mechanic, waterproof worker, masonry worker, concrete worker, reinforcement worker, scaffolder 6.

Of course, the agency company has a thorough understanding of the new policy and even knows its development direction in advance.

The requirements of enterprises for staffing are not clear.

This policy greatly reduces the cost of applying for qualifications.

Construction technical workers (available on the official website, fast certification, one batch in January) 5.

If you are looking for a professional qualification agency, the agency fee for handling multiple qualifications will not be the sum of each agency fee, but much cheaper than one by one.

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It is meaningless to know the subsequent content and process.

It is fatal to not know where the approval department is.

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Agency companies are usually rich in personnel resources.

After all, the specific situation of each enterprise is different, but there are four common reasons.

There are many reasons for the approval.

Companies usually do not know the new policy, it is easy to spend more wronged money.

After applying for construction qualification, enterprises are waiting for the approval of the approval department.


Some agency companies may also handle one of the qualifications for free.

Special construction operators (Theory + practical operation) 4.

It involves the company’s assets, personnel, equipment and other aspects.

If enterprises do not understand this new policy, they may spend more money in the early stage.

For example, enterprises usually have employees before applying.

with more scale effect and less money, enterprises apply for different qualifications, regardless of the requirements for net assets or personnel, which are high or low, and do not need to be superimposed.

Emergency special operation personnel 7.

If the enterprise can make full use of the existing personnel, it can save some personnel costs.

4、 To save the cost of safety license, enterprises must not only apply for construction qualification, but also apply for safety production license.

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The enterprise needs to meet all requirements before it can pass the approval.

If you apply independently, the process is troublesome and may cost some fees.

Academic education (technical secondary school + college + undergraduate) can be queried on the information network.

For example, recently, the requirements for the construction site professionals (eight staff) who apply for the minimum qualification requirements have been cancelled.


Moreover, the new policy is directly related to the cost of enterprise qualification.

Therefore, enterprises can apply for multiple qualifications at the same time according to their future business scope and current conditions, which is often more economical.

The examination and approval departments of enterprises applying for different levels of qualification are different, so we should pay attention to this.

In recent years, the reform of construction qualification has been carried out, and new policies on qualification have been issued from time to time.

Let’s take a look at the specific content with Xiaobian! 1、 There are four reasons why the application for construction qualification approval fails: 1.

Audit link when the enterprise has prepared all the materials, it can submit the application, which is also a key step.

For example, employees with intermediate titles or above can apply for qualification.

If the new policy saves more money, the agent will know first.

Construction qualification standards there are many types of construction qualifications, and the level of each qualification is also different, and the handling standards are also different.

There are many newly established construction companies in the qualification competent department.

However, many enterprises have failed in the approval process.

What are the advantages of qualification agency? As we all know, applying for construction qualification is a headache.

These enterprises may not know, which is easy to cause repeated waste of personnel.

The construction qualification agency company can help you save time and effort.

The graduation time is fast, and you can take the second construction 9.

When enterprises apply for new qualifications, they no longer need to add eight staff.


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