750 super full construction animation (commonly used in highway, civil engineering, underground tunnel, foundation pile foundation,

and China Construction Second Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

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There’s only sincerity and no routine! Take all 1 cent just to keep your friend! Grab a seat and sign up! Come on, come on! Content abstract: 100 construction animation works: 650 construction animation Collections: [45 road construction animation demonstrations SWF (earthwork excavation, asphalt mixing, drainage, dewatering and re piling) _swf: [cost must know] 109 civil engineering construction animation demonstrations: 52 small animation works of foundation pile foundation, bridge and tunnel construction (I) : 136 animations of underground engineering and tunnel construction _swf: 52 animations of foundation pit and bridge support and dewatering construction (II): 255 animations of civil engineering construction (including road and bridge shield foundation concrete) _swf: common construction animations of first-class constructor in construction engineering practice (55):……

The wonderful recommended Zhongtian scheme Library in the past (205 files, 4.35g) Zhongtian brick layout drawing + supporting scheme Zhongtian + country garden Nanning scheme (54), complete set of safety disclosure in editable format + software (146 disclosure 299 pages) complete set of construction organization scheme of a project of China Construction (37 folders and 274 documents) complete set of scheme of phase II commercial real estate project of China Construction First Bureau (271 documents 629m) A collection of 2020 construction scheme database templates of China Construction First Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Lifting Loop

optimization and efficiency creation data package of China Construction Eighth Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

see the acquisition method at the end of the article.

(470 documents, 2.62g) construction organization design of a bureau of China Construction (word version available).

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