Build a historical building protection and development studio you may not know

As a professional lecturer in the historical building protection and development studio, Mr.

The teacher led the students, and the students were full of passion.

If architecture is solidified music, then historical architecture is a magnificent heroic epic.

Waved Anchor

In class, teachers explain that craftsmen forge with exquisite skills, apprentices imitate and teach by example is the essence of “apprenticeship” teaching.

Teachers explain the continuous and open teaching, so that teachers and students can have in-depth communication.

In the historical building protection and development studio, the teacher answers students’ doubts one-on-one by igniting students’ learning enthusiasm for architectural history and historical buildings, exercises students’ expression ability and logic ability in the form of classroom report, starts students’ divergent thinking and rational analysis, and observes cities and buildings with historical vision and critical thinking, Deeply appreciate the beautiful collision between time and space…

Academic part on November 23, 2021, the “Badaguan taipingjiao international cultural architecture Expo” project jointly developed by the municipal government affairs service center, Shinan District Party committee and the district government entered the closing stage.

Since the third grade, undergraduates have entered different studios through “two-way selection” and began a three-year advanced learning stage of “combination of general and specialized courses”.

They learned from each other’s strengths and made up for their weaknesses in the heated discussion and constantly improved the scheme.

The historical building protection and development studio not only adds historical charm and characteristic professional direction to the College of architecture, but also transports professional architectural talents with profound cultural heritage to the society in the future; At the same time, based on open teaching, it breaks the boundaries between upper and lower grades, creates a relaxed, active, realistic and enterprising learning atmosphere, and changes the rigid pattern of traditional teaching space.

After continuous thinking and polishing, they showed and reported to the teachers and students.

In one-to-one guidance, teachers point out students’ advantages and problems in design one by one.

The students of the historical building protection and development studio integrated their understanding of the cotton village post station into the design scheme.

How can one not love such an excellent teacher, such a wonderful classroom and such a novel teaching mode of “combination of research and learning”? At the end of daily homework, follow Xiaozhu to enjoy the learning achievements you may not know! Pay attention to the official account and get the wonderful content.

The building flows quietly in the long river of time, silently telling our stories and our songs.

After class, feel the glory of the city from the cracks of bricks and tiles, and search for the gene of architectural culture from a few words.

Following Xiaozhu, let’s first understand the historical building protection and development studio: Zankov, an educator of the historical building protection and development studio, said: “we should strive to make learning full of an unrestrained atmosphere so that students and teachers can breathe freely in the classroom.” emotion is the center of people’s psychological dynamic mechanism To be reasonable is the key to cultivating students.

In pursuit of local customs and historical memory, they discussed the transformation of rural post stations and self-designed schemes, filled with laughter, and then “built” people’s hearts.

Deng Xia, the historical architecture protection and development studio of the school of architecture, as a representative, was “reopened” in Badaguan   The historical city was interviewed in the open arms report.

They stepped into the research journey together, leaving the teachers and students of the History Studio everywhere, from Qingdao Liyuan to Laoshan folk houses, from Zhouqiao ancient town to dream magic city.


The atmosphere of discussion is the soul of the classroom, in which teachers and students are immersed and happy.

Four professional studios similar to the Bauhaus style masters and apprentices in Germany have been established.

Deng Xia not only leads students to pursue historic sites, visit history, and perceive the shock and charm brought by historical buildings in the past and present lives of buildings, but also has his own unique understanding in the field of historical building research.

Since 2019, the school of architecture of Qingdao City University has started the reform of senior “professional direction studio under the tutorial responsibility system”.

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