2022.1.22 latest recruitment information of construction industry

Flat Steel Anchor

1 safety assistant, major in engineering construction / safety management, with construction and safety C / traffic safety C certificate, and on-site safety officer experience is preferred; 3.


Internal promotion.

Recruitment of Xinyu Construction: 1.

If you are the one, 1 safety minister, 30-45 years old, full-time college degree or above, major in Engineering construction / safety management, and hold traffic safety / construction safety C certificate, At least 2-5 years of safety management experience in road and bridge industry, accept business trips; 2.

1 marketing specialist, female, sales experience is preferred, able to accept entertainment; 2、 Wushang Road: located near Wuwei, Jiangnan District, Nanning, Guangxi.


Engineering experience with Luban Award is preferred [location]: near Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center or Guangzhou Baiyun Airport [company benefits]: including accommodation, performance bonus, Festival benefits, regular group construction, etc., with large promotion space Good development prospects contact person: Ms.

It is required to be able to accept long-term development in Nanning.

Liao 18179085187 (wechat same number), send resume.

College degree or above in engineering, unlimited working experience, proficient in CAD, office and other software.

Thank you very much!!! PS: the chef can bring his own kitchen helper, preferably the husband and wife post..

The official account platform is designed to facilitate the needs of both suppliers and buyers.

If you are the one! Note: please don’t call after 11:00 p.m.

Wei 19195848952 (wechat same number) 6.

Recruitment information of Jiangxi Xinyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, At least 4 years working experience in material position, salary 8k-10k ◆ welfare: 1.


Contact information: manager Cheng 17719209836 (same wechat number).

2 construction interns, major in construction engineering, accept fresh students; Salary negotiable, resume delivery hotline: Ms.

Contact information: HR Ms.

Specific contact: 1382992112 yuan Jianjun 4 CSCEC Dongguan regional project department urgently recruits reception cooks, staff cooks and helper salaries: Reception cooks get 10000 + a month, staff cooks get 7000 + and helper cooks get 5500, including food and accommodation, five insurances, four days off a month, and overtime requirements: arrive before the year! Can cook Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, the chef will shape and set up dishes.

Recruit 2 qualification specialists, Futian, Bao food and accommodation, 5-9k, more than 1 year of relevant experience (Miss Zeng v15112444678) 8 One recruitment data supervisor of Chongqing shunkai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contact number: 1380240481610.

Electromechanical Engineer (1): 26-45 years old, college education or above, working experience in housing electromechanical engineering management, and practical experience in completing more than 2 projects independently.

(Location: Huizhou) 2.

Welcome to recommend your relatives and friends.

Huang 15016013519 (wechat same number, name + post must be noted) 9.

Jiangxi Shangrao Zhongjun project: internship data / one semi skilled hand, with a monthly salary of about 4-6k; 2.

At least 5 years relevant working experience is required.

We sincerely invite friends to seriously identify the authenticity and credibility of the information.

Holiday benefits, birthday gifts, regular group construction.


is required to have rich experience in pile foundation, strong communication skills, hard-working and sense of responsibility.

Recruitment, safety supervisor, location: Zhuhai, on duty after, Party A’s project, on behalf of foreign owners, the construction period is about one year, English interview, module experience is required.


If you are interested, you can directly call or push your resume: 15797672320 (same as wechat) 7.

The platform is not responsible for any adverse consequences arising from the acceptance of the information.


Recruitment position: 1.

Performance bonus + project KPI bonus.


Civil engineering budgeter.


A survey intern, majoring in construction engineering, accepted fresh students; 3.

Welcome to consult and forward! 1、 Headquarters of Nanning company: work in Nanning Wuxiang Hangyang City, weekend, administrative class, legal holidays, various birthday / holiday benefits.

The company will recruit a large number of the following positions after the year.


Employee travel, high temperature subsidy, entry fare reimbursement, etc.

Company address: Huadu District, Guangzhou.

HR administrator (1): 22-35 years old, college education or above, more than 5 years of HR administrator management experience, familiar with at least 2 modules of human resources..

The salary will be discussed according to the ability.

Hunan Changsha Longhu project: 1 data Supervisor / data clerk, with a monthly salary of about 6-8k; 3.

Jiangxi Nanchang Lianfa project: 1 chief technical engineer, 1 steel structure technician and 1 Hydropower technician.

1.2-1.8k, single off.

You are welcome to recommend and recommend yourself.

The salary is negotiable.

Several technicians.

Contact wechat: lxc282358 2011, Guangzhou supervision company recruits three supervision engineers, three supervisors and three supervision documenters respectively, and the treatment interview! Mainly work in Guangzhou metro project department.

For the above positions, an interview can be arranged before the year and arrive after the year.

Five insurances and one fund, providing food and accommodation.

Go to work after the festival.


For Guangzhou high-rise housing construction project, recruit an experienced budgeter.

Statement: all recruitment information of this official account is from the Internet.

Interested parties please contact wechat 139295793263, recruit municipal data supervisor, and someone recommends or recommends Dongguan company to work in Dongguan.

A survey supervisor, full-time college degree or above, more than 5 years of experience in Highway Survey supervisor, familiar with surveying, measurement, etc.


If you are interested, you can send your resume to 331029430@qq.com Email, or add my wechat, and send me your resume directly! It is required to be on duty on the eighth day of the New Year! 12.

Recruitment of Shenzhen Bao’an decoration company 1.


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6. 8. Documenter: professional basic knowledge and professional management practice Training content for contract personnel: contract drafting, verification, negotiation, signing and filing. local construction commission (housing construction department), 2. Construction