Recruitment announcement of Shaanxi xingxinyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2021


The company pursues the business philosophy of seeking survival by quality, seeking benefits from management, expanding the market with reputation, relying on innovation and seeking development, constantly learning and learning from the advanced management experience of the construction industry at home and abroad, and implementing scientific management.


Organize the overall construction management of the project, comprehensively supervise and manage the work progress, quality, safety and civilized construction of each subdivisional project within the project management, and be responsible for the quality of the construction process.

We are willing to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow hand in hand! Recruitment position: Project Manager, technical director language requirements: Putonghua Level 2, Putonghua Level 1.


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Be responsible for managing the coordination and management of personnel, finance, materials and engineering subcontracting work of the project entering the construction site, coordinating the supply and use of personnel, materials and equipment required by the construction project, and solving contradictions and problems in construction in time.

Earnestly implement relevant national and superior policies, laws, regulations and various rules and regulations formulated and implemented by the company, consciously maintain the corporate image and ensure the full completion of various indicators issued by the company.

In the fierce market competition, the company always adheres to establishing the corporate image with high-quality engineering and civilized construction, constantly strengthening its own construction and recruiting talents, Keep pace with the times, forge ahead, and make the enterprise stronger and bigger with first-class quality, high-quality service and efficient construction.


Shaanxi xingxinyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Be responsible for organizing the formulation of the construction organization design of the project, including the project schedule and technical scheme, formulating safety production and quality assurance measures, and organizing the implementation.

The company has market development department, engineering department, contract budget department, finance department, general office and other departments.

Be responsible for scientific organization and management, optimizing construction organization, coordinating the relationship between all units, leading safe and civilized construction, organizing the implementation of corrective and preventive measures, solving problems in construction in time, and ensuring that the quality requirements of the project contract and quality objectives are met according to the quality plan, schedule, construction plan and use plan of the project.

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Be responsible for establishing the organization of the project department, organizing the formulation of post responsibilities, authorities and various management rules and regulations of various post personnel of the project department, and supervising the implementation.


has always adhered to the guiding ideology of user first since its establishment.


Improve the relationship with the business departments of Party A and the supervision unit, and actively welcome the various work inspections of the project by the functional departments of each unit.


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