It is rumored that Lego will launch the Singapore skyline building series package in 2022

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The return of this rumored skyline suit may also indicate that more construction products are on the way.

It is said that it will return to a smaller building suit, and it is about the skyline of Singapore.

According to previous news, the price of 21057 Singapore skyline is $59.99, but there is no mention of particle number or more introduction.

But at present, these news are only rumors.

Cast In Loop

In 2021, Lego architecture only produced a 21056 Taj Mahal suit.

Now there is a new rumor about the Lego building suit in 2022.

According to foreign users LEGO_ club_ According to news, the first Lego building suit next year will return to the skyline series and reproduce the city of Singapore.

It is another work after the 2020 skyline Architecture series, including 21051 Tokyo and 21052 Dubai.

This is another Singapore themed package after the 21021 Marina Bay Sands Hotel in 2013, which is said to be called 21057 Singapore skyline.

Please be cautious before Lego’s official confirmation·····   End  ·····  Coldplay wave Vol.2 is coming.


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