Shanghai uses the building “Golden Horn and silver edge” to create a sports space

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The roof of jiatinghui shopping mall (No.

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According to Wang Hua, deputy director of Putuo District Sports Bureau, the phase II project will also be carried out along the Suzhou River.

During the national day, the news channel of Shanghai TV station cooperated with the Municipal Sports Bureau to launch a series of programs to introduce the layout of sports venues and facilities in Shanghai.

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The citizens working around have benefited a lot.

1055, Moyu South Road, Anting Town, Jiading District) was transformed into a stadium, realizing a win-win situation between residents and businesses.

It is no longer difficult for citizens to exercise nearby by using the sports facilities built by the building “Golden Horn and silver edge”.

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Today, Xiaoti brings you the third episode of releasing sports space by building “Golden Horn and silver edge”.

At the weekend, it attracts many well-equipped old players.

Bend Loop

Some citizens say, “it’s very good here because of convenient transportation.

Since the city started the “construction of sports facilities in Jinjiao and yinbian”, earth shaking changes have taken place here.

Some people say, “it’s more convenient for a few friends to meet and play.” the construction of basketball courts according to local conditions has successfully attracted citizens to come to exercise, while the rest of the space under the bridge gives people more imagination.

Let’s have a look! Putuo central basketball park Putuo central basketball park (280 elevated Zhenbei Road, Putuo District) attracts hundreds of people to enjoy sports every day.

It’s in central.” the stadium is located below the central viaduct.

On the roof of Jiading jiatinghui shopping mall, young people sweat like rain in the sun, and children also have fun here.

The “ice” is colorful.

It used to be a place for storing sanitation vehicles, which always gives people the impression of dirty and messy.

Many citizens are attracted by the geographical location of the venue.

“We are surrounded by the International Automobile City, where many young people work and live.” according to the relevant person in charge of Jiading jiatinghui urban life Plaza, “sports elements have been taken into account when preparing the project.” at present, Shanghai has planned to formulate a number of local policies to further encourage public capital and social capital to enter the “Golden Corner and silver edge” of the building together And give full play to its due social value.

In Shanghai, stadiums have been built under the elevated and on the roof of shopping malls to attract sports loving citizens to punch in.

Shopping malls attract tourists, and residents can exercise and enjoy their body and mind.

Caption: venue operator source: look at the news.

The basic planning includes skateboard park, go kart facilities, etc.

During the National Day holiday, more than 600 stadiums and Gymnasiums in the city enjoy preferential fitness! Get coupons and exercise together! During the National Day holiday, Hushang ice and snow field is really noisy.

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