3.12-13 training camp of advanced research class on successful management of Guangzhou construction enterprises (phase II)

Each training camp is limited to 70 people for two days and one night, In the first day, the teacher teaches management methods, introduces benchmarking enterprise cases in the evening, and in the second day, the teacher leads students to practical training.

The actual training is divided into several groups, and each group has a full-time teacher responsible for one-on-one guidance.

The training camp was taught and guided by domestic well-known enterprise management experts, graduate tutors, senior teachers of duchuan with 20 years of practical experience in the construction industry and rich practical experience in front-line operation and management, as well as on-site guidance from practical teachers: Mr.

First, the teacher teaches methods and theories, and then the teacher leads the students to practice training.

The training camp is divided into three phases with one theme in each phase: phase II: enterprise strategy and organization management and control system training camp (3.12-13 Guangzhou) (time to be determined) phase III: enterprise profit and lean cost management and control system training camp (5.14-15 Nanjing) (time to be determined) phase I: enterprise project management and control system training camp.

Students can quickly establish relevant systems of the enterprise by using these..

Luo, Mr.

December 2021 course · outline advanced seminar training camp on the road to success in construction enterprise management (three phases in total) [opening objectives] n analyze the problems of enterprise project management and enterprise management; N benchmarking successful enterprise practices, deeply analyzing the causes of traditional problems and finding solutions to problems; N introduce scientific management theory and practical experience to make students understand the essence of management; N guide enterprises to establish an enterprise management and control system for long-term and stable development.

In order to ensure the training effect, the trainees are required to bring their own laptops and participate in the training with enterprise problems.

This training camp adopts the closed centralized training camp mode and combines “speaking + practice”.

Participating enterprises can enjoy the instructor’s lifelong online guidance service to ensure that students can achieve something.

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If consulting, they will face factors such as high cost and long cycle, Therefore, in combination with the above situation and the strong requirements of students, this series of advanced seminar training camp is launched.

The construction industry has the characteristics of labor-intensive, many open-air operations and the transfer of production sites with the location of construction projects.

The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared.

Through this learning method, the students can not only understand the scientific theory, but also learn the advanced enterprise experience.

More importantly, the training is personally led by the actual teacher, so that the students can quickly master the scientific management methods, realize the transformation from learning to use, and enable the students to quickly apply these methods when they return to the enterprise after learning.

Liu, Mr.

As a boss, learning these methods can easily manage the enterprise and fully develop in the market; For managers, they can easily do their own work and manage engineering projects.

During the training, the teacher can give targeted answers to the trainees’ problems.

▼ pay attention to Anhui construction management and obtain the latest construction policies of the province.

This course is based on the in-depth understanding of customer needs for many years by duchuan company.

In order to extend the quality of training, enterprises applying for three consecutive training camps can give priority to the opportunity of one-to-one door-to-door guidance and consultation of training teachers.

The epidemic situation makes its situation more and more serious.

The third training camp will enable students to master the most scientific enterprise management and project management methods, learn to use cost management tools, and tap the profit points of enterprises.

The lecturer is a project manager and enterprise executive for many years, and has rich experience in enterprise and project management.

Yang, etc.

These systems and management processes have been tested by enterprise practice.

At the same time, the epidemic has brought challenges and new opportunities to the construction industry.

Classic cases – introduce several successful management cases (core systems) of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises.

Considering that many enterprises have strong management improvement needs, but the conversion rate of traditional lecture methods is often not high, it is difficult to ensure the training effect, and enterprises urgently need to improve the management status and improve their management ability.

Each training camp is two days and one night.

Under the new form of the state vigorously promoting the construction of new infrastructure, can construction enterprises seize the opportunities given by industrial digitization and digital industrialization, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, especially improve enterprise management, strive to find the growth point of cost control and profit mining, and form new competitive momentum and advantages in the process of enterprise development, It is the core of enterprise decision-making and management.

This training camp can be retrained for many times free of charge (only meal fee is charged, only for myself and only for the content in the same period).

These management cases may not be learned even if they are observed in the enterprise on site.

The sudden epidemic in 2020 has had a great impact on all walks of life.

Welcome all new and old friends to join us! Zhejiang duchuan Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Each training camp is divided into several topics.

The actual training is divided into several groups, and each group has a full-time teacher to guide one-on-one.

The key to solving the problem lies in the in-depth analysis of the internal management law of construction enterprises, the pursuit of excellence, benchmarking and advanced, and mastering the scientific method of project management of construction enterprises.

[Course advantages] authoritative Sharing — authoritative practical experts who have worked in the front line of enterprise management and project management for 20 years give lectures in person and teach scientific management methods and theories.

Li, Mr.

N through this study, we can not only ensure the income of the enterprise, but also realize the growth of employee income, and realize the win-win situation between the enterprise and employees; Break the traditional training and consultation! Establish a new era of scientific learning methods! [course value] theoretical study – introduce scientific management theories and methods; Benchmarking learning – introduce the successful management experience of advanced enterprises; Practical training – lead students to quickly master the above methods; Fixed point consultation – provide targeted answers to the students’ own enterprise problems.


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