100% complete! New buildings in Tangshan cities and towns will have great changes!

By 2035, systematic integrated design and lean production and construction will be widely used, the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises will be greatly improved, the information technology and construction industry will be deeply integrated, the construction industry will enter a new stage of green development, and the industrialization of new buildings will achieve high-quality development.

By 2025, cultivate more than two backbone enterprises with intelligent construction capacity and build a competitive “Hebei Construction” brand, and gradually improve the market share of the construction industry in the field of high-end construction in the province.

Strengthen scientific and technological support.

Hospitals, schools and other public buildings are encouraged to give priority to steel structure.

Promote lean construction.

▼▼▼ Guide   On October 11, Hebei Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, Hebei Provincial Department of education, Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology and other nine departments jointly issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of new building industrialization.

Prefabricated concrete structures are actively promoted in indemnificatory housing and commercial housing.

All localities can study and formulate differentiated management and control policies for prefabricated component manufacturers that meet the requirements of ecological environment supervision during the emergency response to heavily polluted weather.

The opinions defined seven key tasks for Hebei to accelerate the development of new building industrialization.

Accelerate the integrated development of information technology.

Promote the development of industrial clusters related to new construction industrialization, improve service capacity, and constantly consolidate the industrial foundation.

Focus on schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and residences, strengthen design guidance and promote prefabricated building system.

Carry out BIM Technology application demonstration, accelerate the integrated application of BIM Technology in the whole life cycle of new building industrialization, and realize information interconnection and interactive sharing in the stages of design, procurement, production, construction, delivery, operation and maintenance.

Strengthen systematic integrated design.

Comprehensively consider the transportation and service radius, guide the parts and components manufacturing enterprises to make a reasonable layout towards the regional central cities, node cities and Beijing Tianjin market of our province, reduce the transportation cost and avoid regional overcapacity.

By the end of 2025, the emission of construction waste (excluding engineering residue and mud) at the new construction site will not be more than 300 tons per 10000 square meters, and the emission of construction waste (excluding engineering residue and mud) at the fabricated construction site will not be more than 200 tons per 10000 square meters.

Source: Hebei Daily (reporter Song Ping)..

The opinions put forward the environmental protection support policies for accelerating the development of new building industrialization in our province.

Support the transformation and incubation of major scientific and technological achievements in new building industrialization in our province, introduce high-level scientific and technological achievements from Beijing and Tianjin, promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the innovative development of new technologies, new materials, new products and new processes in the construction field.

Optimize the production of parts and components.

Expand the scale of star green buildings.

Urban green buildings account for 100% of the newly-built building area, prefabricated buildings account for more than 30% of the newly-built building area, and passive ultra-low energy consumption buildings have accumulated more than 13.4 million square meters.

Promote the development of whole process engineering consulting, and cultivate no less than 20 whole process engineering consulting enterprises by 2025.

Loop Box

In 2025, the proportion of new star green buildings in the area of new green buildings in cities and towns will reach more than 50%.

Accelerate the cultivation of professionals.

Establish emission quota standards for construction waste.

Buildings invested or mainly invested by the government, large public buildings with a construction area of more than 20000 square meters, and residential communities with a construction area of more than 100000 square meters shall be constructed in accordance with the green building standards higher than the lowest level.

New public buildings with a single building area of more than 20000 square meters invested by the government are the first to adopt steel structure.

Improve project quality.

Support construction enterprises to do a good job in environmental impact assessment and monitoring, and include new building industrialization projects such as prefabricated buildings that meet the requirements into the positive list of ecological environment supervision.

On the basis of strictly implementing the measures for the prevention and control of dust pollution in Hebei Province, during the emergency response period of heavily polluted weather, prefabricated buildings and other new building industrialization projects shall be removed from earthwork, blasting demolition In addition to the construction links clearly required by the state, such as spraying and painting, other construction links may not be stopped.

By 2025, cultivate no less than 20 key EPC enterprises.

Public buildings such as offices and schools invested or mainly invested by the government and residential buildings such as centrally built public rental houses, expert apartments and talent apartments are planned, constructed and operated in principle in accordance with the standard of passive ultra-low energy consumption buildings.

Publicity on the emission of construction waste at the construction site will be carried out, All localities are encouraged to reward construction enterprises that meet the requirements of construction waste reduction on the construction site.

Broaden the channel for the rise of skilled talents, implement the evaluation policy for qualified skilled talents in terms of professional title evaluation, and open up the road of professional development of construction workers.

It is proposed that by 2025, the policy mechanism of new building industrialization in Hebei Province will be basically established, the level of architectural design standardization and component production standardization will be significantly improved, and the construction quality and efficiency will be significantly improved.


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