The first aging architectural design competition in three northeastern provinces — collection of award-winning works of landscape and

The structures are interspersed with point layout to increase the color fun corresponding to the Forbidden City.

The fundamental problem of improving the participation of the elderly lies in improving the infrastructure, enabling the elderly to return to the society and share the civilized achievements of social development.

Tree array and column array square are sandwiched in the middle, and a large barrier free ramp is set in the south, which continues in the water system.

     The design site is located in an area with complex composition of people and large daily flow.

Theme of the first aging architectural design competition in three northeastern provinces     With the intensification of domestic aging and the change of family population structure, how to create a space more suitable for the daily activities and life of the elderly has become a topic of social concern.

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Design description of perseveranceprefails:      The society should constantly narrow the gap between the living conditions of the elderly and the social average level, promote the elderly to participate in social life equally, and make them feel the warmth from the society while sharing the achievements of social development and progress.

The design should meet the needs of diverse people and be open and inclusive.

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In order to better improve the aging architectural design ability and level of aging architectural design groups and individuals in Northeast China, and promote the academic exchange and collision of innovative ideas among multiple disciplines, it is jointly sponsored by the aging Architectural Professional Committee of Liaoning civil architecture society, Liaoning elderly Industry Association and Liaoning University Enterprise Alliance of elderly care architectural engineering and service industry The first aging architectural design competition in the three northeastern provinces undertaken by Shenyang University of Architecture – collection of award-winning works of landscape and planning.

After fierce competition, efforts of all staff and repeated selection by experts, a total of award-winning works are listed as follows: Exhibition of excellent award-winning works of landscape and planning group 01 first prize No.1   “Five senses square” is a public space landscape design based on improving the participation of the elderly.

This design takes the central temple in the southwest corner of the site as the main axis, which is intended to inherit its spirit and extend its symbolic significance.

As an important landmark of the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the central temple carries too many history and legends.

Therefore, in today’s increasingly serious population aging, it is urgent to solve the social restrictions on the travel of the elderly and the problem of separation from the society.

The triangular platform on the west side of the site is connected with the second floor of the shopping mall to form a large overlooking activity site, which is locally connected with the comprehensive service center on the northeast side.


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