College can be reported! Announcement on staff recruitment of Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. in 2021

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(the former Shanxi construction engineering [group] Corporation), one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the top 80 Chinese contractors and the top 200 competitive enterprises in China’s construction industry.

As a regional company of Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Huazhong company shoulders the mission of “dedicating high-quality products and creating the future”, actively practices the business philosophy of “doing a project, building a monument, making friends, occupying a market, clearing a project, creating certain benefits, cultivating a group of talents and accumulating a set of experience”, and has created dozens of high-quality projects in many provinces and cities.

After the picture is compressed successfully according to the regulations, upload it one by one according to the corresponding upload format column,.

Enter the registration password for confirmation.

After the registration, the corresponding recruitment notice will be popped up.

After confirmation, click the registration button.

The recruitment announcement is as follows: Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

At the same time, you will enter the Hongjie examination registration system, fill in and confirm the relevant information one by one according to the item column of the registration system.

All registration materials will be photographed by mobile phone or scanned into picture format by scanner (the format is JPG picture format, and then use the compression software to compress the picture to within 50-90kb).

② after clicking the registration button, a prompt of successful registration will pop up in the pop-up window.

In order to facilitate you to obtain more high-quality recruitment information 🉑   The official account is updated daily with the latest recruitment information.

application conditions 1.

Full time college degree or above, major in construction management; 3.

Click the OK button.

20-45 years old; 4.

After reading, click the bottom button to register the new user, and fill in the user name column, ID number, mobile phone number, micro signal, and set up more than 8 passwords.

1、 The recruitment principle is based on the principles of openness, fairness, fair competition, merit based employment and both ability and political integrity.

It is an excellent backbone construction enterprise in Shanxi Province.

4、 Recruitment procedure (I) organization of registration 1.

Have professional qualification certificate and relevant experience; 5.

519 Taihang Road, Jincheng City (IV) registration time: October 19, 2021 – October 26, 2021 (normal registration on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) (V) online registration process: ① registration method: please log in to Hongjie recruitment system by computer and enter the website( ) Mobile phone name is the key to the registration of the applicant.

More posts can be selected for Shanxi Pudong red hero Human Resources Co., Ltd.

is the core enterprise of Shanxi Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

The recruitment announcement will be read carefully.

Excellent communication and coordination skills.

2、 Recruitment position, number of recruiters and salary III.

Love their own work, have the ability to meet the job requirements and good professional ethics, and have a certain ability to solve practical problems; 2.

Have physical and psychological conditions for normal performance of duties; 6.

for the public recruitment of 36 labor dispatch construction management personnel.

Information release and registration channel: Shanxi Hongjie human resources network:( )(2) Registration method: on-site registration or online registration (III) registration place: room 230, block a, Wusu Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Shanxi comprehensive reform demonstration zone, or no.

Through signing labor contracts with Pu Donghong Jie Human Resources Inc, they are sent to Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Huazhong company.

It has comprehensively inherited and developed the qualification and brand of Shanxi construction engineering [group] Corporation, integrating investment, development, construction It is a large state-owned comprehensive construction group company integrating operation, design, scientific research, production, labor service and machine leasing.


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