09s407-1 installation of building water supply copper pipeline

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Standard No.: 09s407-1 Standard Name: installation of copper pipes for building water supply department: China architectural standards design and Research Institute release date: 2009-09-01 implementation date: 2009-09-01 standard status: current document format: PDF page number: 81 page drafting unit: Tongji University architectural design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.

It is used to guide the correct selection, construction and installation of building water supply copper pipeline.

Lifting Eye Anchor

standard introduction: 09s407-1 installation of copper pipes for building water supply This atlas is applicable to indoor water supply copper pipeline works of new, reconstructed and expanded civil and industrial buildings.

In this revision, the specification of seamless copper pipe is adjusted, T2 brand pipe is cancelled, the applicable conditions of different connection modes are clarified, the ring pressure pipe connection mode and water separator installation are added, and the installation of water meter and the connection between riser and main pipe and branch pipe are supplemented and improved.

The nominal size of pipes and fittings is DN8 ~ DN200, and the working pressure of the pipeline system is not greater than 1.6Mpa (PN16, 1.6n / mm2).


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