Shenyang fast recruitment [world top 500] latest recruitment of Shenyang Tengyue Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Check internal transactions, check all current accounts with internal units before settlement, check the original documents when problems are found and solve them in time; 13.


Update and maintain the construction and installation project files in the NC system according to the company’s requirements; 6.

Good interpersonal communication skills and team spirit; 4.

Recheck workers’ wages, check the correctness of cost allocation of each worker’s wages in the wage group, and the amount and cost area are accurate; 7.

Issue invoices, accurately calculate taxes, check whether the subcontracting deduction data are complete, count the invoiced amount and taxes of the general contract, count the invoiced amount of subcontractors, and communicate relevant matters in the invoicing process; 9.

Good professional knowledge structure and learning ability, positive, diligent and down-to-earth; 3.

Inventory accounting, correctly reflect the receipt and issue of raw materials, and estimate the payment details; Timely check the data such as material requisition of current units and material requisition of commercial concrete; If there is any abnormality in the warehouse in and out, find out the cause in time and deal with it accordingly; 8.

Identify with corporate culture.

Week No.

Pre job training performance bonus post promotion paid annual leave package food and health examination holiday gifts employee travel and transportation subsidy 1 Financial Post location: Shenyang salary: 2.5k-5k/month Job Description: Job Responsibilities: 1.

PVC Chamfer

Working location of administrative specialist: Shenyang salary: 3k-5k / month job description: 1.

The company was established in 2009   In, it was a wholly-owned subsidiary of country garden group, mainly undertaking the commercial and residential projects developed by Country Garden Group in South China, central China, North China, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Fresh graduates of 2022; 2.

Contract management, keep the number, sort out the original contract, register the latest version of contract records, ensure the correct correspondence between the general subcontract and the subcontract, and register the payment of stamp duty; 10.

Be sensitive to numbers and have a certain understanding of the construction industry; 4.

Be responsible for the declaration of foreign-related income and overseas payment, and do a good job in daily contact with banks; 5.

Working location of HR Specialist: Shenyang salary: 3k-5k / month job description: 1.

baa500-1000 construction hr.

Implement and improve policies and processes related to employee entry, employment confirmation, job transfer and resignation; 4.

Assist the financial manager in asset management and regularly participate in the inventory and inventory of the company’s assets; 6.

Full time bachelor degree or above, major in finance and related; 2.

Good professional knowledge structure and learning ability, positive, diligent and down-to-earth; 3.

Shenyang Tengyue Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Responsible for reimbursement, including document management and preliminary review of documents according to the company’s system; 2.

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Job requirements: 1.

Employee personnel information management and employee file maintenance, accounting for employee compensation and benefits; 5.


At present, the registered capital of the company is 3   Billion, with an annual construction capacity of more than 160 million   Million square meters, with an annual output value of nearly 1 million   Billion.


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Be responsible for the cashier, prepare bank vouchers and summarize the revenue and expenditure schedule; 3.

Manage fixed assets, correctly reflect the increase, decrease and use of fixed assets, timely post the label of fixed assets, accurately calculate the increase, decrease and depreciation of fixed assets, and conduct regular inventory; 12.

Fresh graduates of 2022; 2.

Identify with corporate culture.

Review project payment sheet, material payment sheet, rental payment sheet, employee expense reimbursement sheet, debit slip and prepayment sheet, Ensure the legality, authenticity and integrity of the original documents and various attachments; 2.

Job requirements: 1.


is a large first-class general contracting construction enterprise.

Good interpersonal communication skills and team spirit; 4.

Job requirements: 1.

Be responsible for the management of administrative and personnel affairs and seal management of the project; 2.

Do a good job in revenue statistics, check the revenue with the business team, and summarize the contract schedule; 4.

Please be vigilant and beware of being cheated! Do not use without permission.

Implement and improve the company’s personnel system and plan, training and development, performance evaluation, employee social security and welfare management; 2.

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Identify with corporate culture 3 financial intern [2022 session] location: Shenyang salary: 3k-5k / month job description: 1.

Good interpersonal communication skills and team spirit; 4.

For the application of EPC project funds, apply to Party A for EPC project funds in time according to the ERP approval process and the payment notice sent by the project department; 11.

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Stable personality and excellent execution; 3.

Sort out and classify the approved original documents, prepare bookkeeping vouchers, enter them into the NC system, and check with the cashier’s bank deposit journal; 4.

Prepare various statistical drafts and accounts to ensure consistency with the accounts and update them in time; 5.

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Coordinate internal employee relations and improve employee efficiency, Organize staff League building activities, etc.

Be responsible for the daily management of financial and accounting archives, including voucher binding, statement binding, account book binding, binding of other accounting materials, etc; 7.

Do other financial work assigned by the superior.

Shenyang Tengyue Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Other daily personnel work.

Have good professional knowledge structure and learning ability, be positive, diligent and down-to-earth; 3.

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Be responsible for group system process management forms.



Be responsible for other work arranged by project leaders.


Cooperate with various audits; 8.

Organize and assist all departments in recruitment, training and performance appraisal; 3.

Daily project procurement.

Job requirements: job requirements: 1.

Prepare RP table, cost size table, TT table and deferred tax table in the listing statement every quarter.

3 organize various meetings and make meeting minutes.

Review the completeness and accuracy of cash documents in the NC system; 3.

Relevant qualification certificate is preferred.

Be responsible for project document management and archiving.

Bachelor degree or above in human resource management, business administration, psychology and other majors.


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