It’s hard to see the buildings recycled by nature!

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A building in Bangkok, Thailand, was occupied by fish.

Trees growing from abandoned chimneys of an abandoned house in Norway reclaim territory in the Namibian desert.

Lifting Anchor

Mother nature is calling.

In 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine exploded, making it unsuitable for human survival for tens of thousands of years.

                                               Intensive phobia                         Abandoned mansion near kilgavin, Ireland                         Angkor Wat in Cambodia should be visited if you have a chance.

There was a survival challenge.

Now it has become a scenic spot in Sydney, Australia.

The stone carvings are covered with moss at night Dare you be here alone? An abandoned stone hut in Ireland.

Tip: click the top button to follow the unsolved mystery   👇 Click the card below to pay attention and explore the truth of history! Although we believe that our civilization is solid and unshakable, it has little control over nature.

An abandoned city in Georgia.

                        Flowers bloom on an abandoned railway in Paris.

A seed germinated in the sunken ship, and finally the sunken ship became a flower pot “A bicycle is being recycled by nature, but some people say it’s just an art project, because the car was stolen long before the vines were full.

The 13th century castle has been abandoned since a fire in 1932.

                        Abandoned Ferris wheel                         Old car cemeteries in Belgium, where they return to nature.

If there is no human in the human world, then nature will quickly enter and take over.

                        A mill built in 1866 in Sorrento, Italy, was abandoned because of a fire.

The picture is very much like the scene without humans in the disaster film.

A tree was found in an old silo of an abandoned railway bridge in the Czech Republic.

A small castle in scolata, Liguria, Italy.

Without human beings, nature will devour everything.

An abandoned car has been parked here for many years.

Today, I sorted out a group of “abandoned” photos to feel the power of nature.

                        The abandoned 160 year old railway in Paris.

This building is completely covered with ivy.

It’s a pity that this brand has changed.

                        The ship has been stranded here for more than a century.

Plants are growing day by day, but steel is rusting.

It is 60 kilometers away from the coastline.

                        A big tree in Hong Kong passes through a building, the branches drill out of the window, and the plants finally overcome the concrete.

If you can survive here for 30 days, you will get a reward of 40000 euros.

A big tree broke the tombstone.

How powerful are the plants.

This is the real green passage.

It’s really beautiful here.

                        The big tree passed through an abandoned piano.

Abandoned apartment buildings in kirovsky fishing village in Russia are being eroded by sea water.

                        Trees and bicycles witness the traces of years.

A big tree across the fence, a big tree in the center of Calcutta, its brand The roots are completely exposed, but they are still vibrant.

There is no water or electricity.

A recycled barn.


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