Name and praise the assembled architectural classes in Beijing!

Beijing Jianpei education three types of projects, seven advantages and multi-year brands// Recommended course constructor Assembly Engineer / / campus address headquarters (Fengtai campus): Hongke building Zhongqi education knowledge changes destiny education changes the future / / recommended course Senior assembly engineer Chang learning class practitioner / / campus address Shijingshan Campus: Shijingshan campus Beijing Xuetian education provides you with professional vocational qualification examination training! / / recommended course assembly training class I constructor / / campus address Beijing Campus: Shijingshan Campus Above the China Railway entrepreneurship building on Apple Garden Road in the mountain area are several Beijing institutions recommended by Xiao Lu.

Interested students can contact the institutions to audition.

There is always one suitable for you.

If you are not satisfied with the above institutions, welcome.

Hello, everyone, are you still struggling to choose which assembly building training? Let’s take a look at some of the assembled architectural training institutions recommended by Xiao Lu.

Only suitable institutions are the best.

I wish everyone can find satisfactory institutions when learning prefabricated architecture.

Lifting Anchor

These training institutions generally provide free audition courses.


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