Zhang Xuefeng evaluates majors such as architecture and landscape architecture?

There is no need for artistic skills at all.

Erection Anchor One Sided

Let’s take a look together.

During live streaming, netizens asked Zhang Xuefeng about the prospects of architecture.

He once became popular all over the Internet with his humorous explanation of postgraduate entrance examination, but he doesn’t just disappear after a period of popularity like ordinary Internet celebrities.

Recently, during the college entrance examination, Zhang Xuefeng became popular again because he bombarded the journalism major during the live broadcast, Many netizens have commented that Zhang Xuefeng’s remarks are down-to-earth, and indeed, from the perspective of ordinary people.

Change from green to a little architecture, a little landscape, a little life, a little impropriety~327 original content Teacher Zhang Xuefeng has become popular recently.

The key is that you don’t have much money and some netizens ask your parents what architecture work is? Actually, it’s just drawing pictures and doing some repetitive work every day.

It’s good to stay up late and have the ability to protest

Zhang Xuefeng bluntly stated that if you want to learn architecture, first of all, you need to be able to stay up late, and you need 007 (7 * 24 hours standby), and you also need to stay up all night.

When learning architecture, one can stay up late, earn less money, and sometimes even need to take a diaper.

Recently, Teacher Zhang Xuefeng has also expressed some opinions on majors such as architecture, landscape architecture, and other fields.


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