[Yongsheng recruitment] Eryuan Jujia Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd

Have strong ability to read drawings, be familiar with project team price and quotation procedures, and be able to complete project budget, settlement and quotation independently.


Know how to make bidding documents and be able to make bidding documents independently.

After the probation period, the labor service company shall purchase social security.

Female, probation salary, 3000_ 3500 yuan, probation period of 3 months.



business scope includes construction labor; Highway engineering; Bridge works; Municipal utilities; Tunnel works; Airport Road works; Residential building; Sales of building materials; Construction machinery and equipment leasing.

Complete other tasks assigned by leaders in time.

(for projects that must be approved according to law, business activities can be carried out only after being approved by relevant departments) number of cost estimators (must have relevant work experience): unlimited number, salary: 3000-3500 yuan, welfare: five insurances, including food and shelter, performance bonus, many subsidies, good environment, flexible work 1.

The salary shall be redistributed according to the performance salary.

Have strong business ability and coordination and communication ability, and can skillfully use budget software, office software and CAD drawing software.

Resume registration free recruitment Eryuan Jujia construction labor Co., Ltd.

Contact: working address 1: Yongsheng County, Lijiang City.


Familiar with professional technical knowledge of construction cost and project budget.

Wire Lifting Loop

enterprise introduction Eryuan Jujia construction labor Co., Ltd.

Be familiar with national quota, project cost market situation, market price of materials and equipment, current project cost specifications and operating procedures.

Engineering (Civil Engineering, construction, environmental protection) and management related majors are preferred; 2.


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