Xishan bell tower is not Wanxian bell and Drum Tower, but a landmark building in Wanzhou and one of the three bell towers of the Yangtze

It continues to give full play to its waste heat.

Today, Xishan bell tower has completed its historical mission.

However, those trackers standing on the beach looked up at the bell and Drum Tower, and the visual effect was more obvious.

The “sunset on the West Mountain”, one of the eight scenic spots in Wanxian County, is named after it.

Xishan bell tower was listed as the first batch of cultural relics protection units in Chongqing on September 7, 2000 and as a national key cultural relics protection unit on October 7, 2019.

Today’s bell tower doesn’t know when it will no longer tell the time.

Of course, the bell tower also serves as a beacon and lighthouse for ships traveling on the Yangtze River, killing two birds with one stone, so Shang Shen is also willing to invest in the construction.

The bell and Drum Tower is more than 20 meters high.

The history of Wanxian bell and Drum Tower is far longer than that of Xishan bell tower.

It stands on the edge of the Yangtze River and is as famous as the bell tower of Shanghai Customs and the bell tower of Wuhan Jianghan customs along the Yangtze River.

In order to unify the time for the customs to calculate the ton tax of merchant ships, the local government built the bell tower.

It is built on boulders, which makes it even taller.

Xishan bell tower, as its name implies, is a big clock hanging on the roof, which will tell the time every hour.

The bell and Drum Tower, also known as “Zhenjiang Pavilion”, means to ensure peace.

It has become a landmark building in Wanzhou!..

In that era when clocks and watches were still rare, the big clock on the clock tower of Xishan undoubtedly brought an unprecedented view of time to local residents! The bell tower was built because Wanxian, as the second trading port in Chongqing at that time, could directly engage in foreign trade.

Recalling its bell ringing through Wanzhou city is the memory of many people for a lifetime.

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The bell and Drum Tower was built in the Ming Dynasty and is located in the east of the ancient city of Wanxian.

It is one of the three bell and drum towers along the Yangtze River and a major landscape along the Yangtze River.

People always confuse Xishan bell tower with Wanxian bell and Drum Tower, and the relevant introduction of “Xishan bell tower” basically appears on the keyword search page of “bell and Drum Tower” on the Internet, but this “bell tower” is not the other “bell and Drum Tower”.

Therefore, there was a saying that “there is a bell tower in Wanxian County, half of which extends into the sky”.

The Xishan bell tower was built in 1930 and is located in Xishan Park near the Yangtze River in Wanzhou District.

Unfortunately, the Wanxian bell and Drum Tower was demolished in the 1950s because of potential safety hazards, and it only exists in the memory of Laowan county people.

Speaking of Wanxian Xishan bell tower, many people will think of the saying “Wanxian has a bell and Drum Tower, half of which extends into the sky”.

Many citizens and tourists come to visit and take pictures with it.


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