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On September 11, Xijian book collection and Zhu Sheng were teachers to talk about the beauty of architecture! It is recommended to read “building a house” written by Wang Shu.

Ningbo Museum, the “museum with the finest collection of time”, is made of more than 80 kinds of old bricks and tiles.

The Zhizhi Art Museum, hidden in the mountains and rivers, implements Kuma’s design language of “let the building disappear”.

It is the pavilion, platform, building, pavilion, hall, pavilion, porch, boat, etc.

Because the really beautiful architecture carries the understanding of context and times, the respect for the city and nature, the pursuit of human nature and ideals, and the assumption of future lifestyle and behavior.

8, north section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu senior architect Zhu Sheng is the event overview ● development of architectural art ● sharing of space art in life ● interactive discussion and answer.

This book is the collection of architectural culture essays by Wang Shu, the winner of the world’s highest Architectural Award Pritzker award and a famous architect.

More space beauty of Chinese traditional architecture is waiting for us to explore one by one.

In the long river of time, it is more and more dazzling.

Starting from architecture, this book is not only architecture, but also a work to explore the modernity of Chinese traditional culture.

In the construction of water, tile, glass and other elements, people can see the world at a glance even if they are in the building.

How to endow architectural vitality and artistic sense? How is the space aesthetics of Chinese traditional architecture presented gracefully? On September 11, we invited senior architect Zhu Sheng to Suning store to talk and share how our various traditional buildings give us a strong artistic color in our life on the vast land of China.

It adopts the design style of “gold inlaid jade” and the building materials of “alloy copper and glass” to build interesting aesthetic buildings with both historical heritage and modern style.

The registration method scans the QR code above, Zhu Sheng, a senior architect / executive partner / color expert, graduated from the school of architecture, China Academy of fine arts from Wang Shu, founder of architectural design of Chengdu Zuo Zhu you Institute / founder of architectural design of Chengdu zhilingming see architectural design / honorary consultant of Guangzhou Huangpu Architectural Design Institute / former director of architectural design of Shanghai Tianhua / distinguished guest lecturer of Architecture Department of Southwest University for nationalities / architectural color Experts (compilation of Chengdu urban design guidelines) from the solemn and majestic palace altar temple to the south of the Yangtze River Garden with pink walls and black tiles, from the colorful residential villages to the brilliant temples on the snowy plateau…

Chinese traditional architecture shows us its life architectural aesthetics from different aspects such as form, skill and meaning.

Activity time: 14:30, September 11   See book collection · Suning store in the West address: 403C, 4th floor, Suning Plaza, No.

////The past of a city is merged by the land under its feet and recorded by the changed buildings/ Wang Shu said, “to build a house is to build a world.” he is not only doing architecture, he is building a world, which carries the aesthetics and concepts of the Chinese people, as well as the inheritance of architecture, landscape and Chinese traditional culture.

Bricks and tiles are combined with modern concrete to form a simple but semantically complex dialogue.

It contains 10 essays on architectural culture, 4 essays on the history of architectural works, 6 essays and 1 dialogue…

The number of participants is 20.

Then from point, line and surface to planning, design and details.

in the classification of garden architecture, or the hook dripping water with different shapes, colorful color painting patterns, exquisitely carved doors and windows, etc.

Chengdu Museum connects the past and future Chengdu Museum in Chengdu.

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