Shengzhe architectural design – Changchun Qikai District Vanke Park Metropolitan Community Sports Center

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▲ elevation intention ▲ wall body perspective ▲ wall body perspective 2 ▲ southeast Perspective © Ark ▲ southwest entrance cantilever © The ark, a sports center full of metal and warmth, is the first building in the process of regional urban function transformation.

Changchun Branch Photography: Ark design time: 2021.07 ~ 2021.10 construction completion time: 2021.11 information | exclusive interview | study tour | recruitment | cultural and creative Wei Yiming, archlady, Julia, Xueliang, food difficulties, Huiqi, Zheng Lijiang.

The first floor is equipped with service desk and beer restaurant, sports bar and other businesses facing the main road.

▲ Changchun plate partition ▲ plot analysis ▲ FAW red flag – memory of brilliant industrial age.

At the same time, the daylighting needs of different functions are met on the outer wall through glass curtain wall and aluminum plate shading with changeable angle.

▲ due south view © Ark ▲ west entrance © Ark ▲ southwest Perspective © The main building of the inner space of the ark is two floors, with the south facing the urban trunk road, the west main entrance facing the urban park and the east main entrance facing the planned future hotel.

The moderate volume provides daily fitness and leisure places for the surrounding residents all year round in the future.

▲ east main entrance © Partial elevation of the overhang on the west side of the ark ▲ © Close view of the south elevation of the ark ▲ © The unique environment and times of the ark endow the building facade with a unique temperament.

We hope to pay tribute to the glorious memory and new functions of the industrial era of the steam Development Zone with the unique design, and endow it with the connotation of health and vitality.

Changchun is the representative of the industrial capital of the north and enjoys the reputation of “Automobile City”.

The name “Qikai” is named after FAW.

The atrium is the central core of the internal space.

While organizing the plane and section functions, it introduces the natural light into the building center, forms the interconnection of lines of sight between the functions of each floor, and arranges vertical traffic at one end.

Combined with exquisite details, local band led, and the angle change of shuttle louver, combined with lighting effect, it presents a sense of future industrial beauty and flowing speed, which is not only a tribute to the Automobile City, but also a display of internal motion function.

▲ vertical traffic in double-layer daylighting atrium © The content expressed by the building facade of the ark facade design is jointly endowed by the internal space function and the environmental background of the times.

With the upgrading and re planning of urban industries, the original industrial park will gradually usher in the transformation to an urban compound dynamic community.

Changchun Automobile Development Zone Vanke Park Metropolitan Community Sports Center ▲ community basketball hall salutes the industrial upgrading of Automobile City ▲ east entrance © The ark location and function project is located at the intersection of Dongfeng Street and Changxing street, Qikai District, Changchun City.

▲ southwest Perspective © Ark ▲ southeast view © Ark technical drawing ▲ elevation hand drawing ▲ elevation hand drawing ▲ south elevation effect drawing ▲ gym © Ark ▲ daylighting atrium © Ark ▲ general drawing (future planning) ▲ first floor plan ▲ second floor plan project information ▲ Changchun · Qikai Vanke Park metropolitan Sports Center Location: Changchun Qikai District total construction area: 4252.3 square meters architectural design: Beijing Shengzhe architectural design main architect: Wang Zhe design team: Tian xinshangzi Jing Corning Liu Jingyi interior design: Beijing interface space landscape design: pailan landscape curtain wall construction drawing: Beijing Oriental Construction drawing design of Huamai Engineering Design Co., Ltd.: Beijing New Era Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Combined with the indoor lighting, the entrance can also make people feel warm and friendly in cold seasons and full energy brought by exercise.

The whole wood hanging board and wood color grid are used at the outer wall and outdoor terrace around the entrance.

The local shape of the functional block on the East and west sides advances and retreats, combined with the double-layer high glass curtain wall of the atrium, to naturally form the landmark of the East and west main entrance.

▲ analysis of surrounding environment and block formation ▲ east entrance © Ark ▲ north-south section perspective ▲ multifunctional Stadium © The ark is a double-layer lighting atrium connecting the East and West entrances between several large-span venues.

Metal / Seiko / Green / intelligence are the four key words that run through the facade style.

The design of the facade hopes to not only have the sense of strength of the sports building itself, but also reflect the friendly human scale and vivid details.

The second floor is a professional multi-functional stadium, and the gym, multi-functional hall and outdoor terrace around the stadium.

This project is a comprehensive sports center serving the surrounding residents, including multi-functional ball halls, fitness facilities and supporting catering businesses.

I hope to see the Seiko spirit left by the previous era and the exhibition of future vitality, health and green life from it, which will become a vivid footnote on the urban development node of the steam development zone.

The natural and warm color texture is in strong contrast with the anodized aluminum plate glass curtain wall with strong industrial sense.

In response to the Seiko tradition of the automobile city, the facade adopts anodized aluminum plate and shuttle aluminum louver.

Although the interior space of the building has only two floors, based on the functional requirements, the span and clear height are large.


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