Wuwei Municipal Construction labor qualification

To apply for qualification, complete materials shall be prepared without falsity.

Pintuo qualification contact number: 13688317880 how about the handling of construction labor qualification in Jinan? Labor qualification is the foundation of the construction industry, because every construction project must solve the problem of personnel, and labor qualification can solve this problem well.

1、 Jinan construction labor qualification conditions.

How about the handling of construction labor qualification in Jinan? Next, I will explain how to handle a series of labor qualification processes.

And whether the personnel information certificate is qualified.

Construction enterprises need to log in to relevant construction websites, fill in and print Jinan labor qualification application form online, upload materials or apply to local qualified sites.

The audit process pays more attention to whether the company meets the qualification standards.

(2) There are more than 5 project site management personnel, with work license (3) and more than 50 technicians who have passed the examination and training.


General expenses will fluctuate according to the prices in different regions.

If you do not prepare various materials, it will take about 3-6 months.

The cost of labor qualification ranges from 90000 to 110000.

4、 Construction labor qualification handling fee.

There are requirements for personnel, (1) the enterprise has a technical director with intermediate title or above.

If the time for applying for qualification is new and the materials are fully prepared, the result is generally about one month.


The company is required to have fixed office space.


3、 Time for handling labor qualification.

Enterprises can also choose to handle their own qualification, but the qualification process is cumbersome and needs more information.

The net assets of the enterprise shall not be less than 2 million yuan.

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2、 Construction labor qualification process.

If the enterprise wants to make a new, it’s best to start preparing three months in advance…

Jinan construction labor qualification.


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