[whole process engineering consulting case] the project has a total investment of 400 million and a construction area of 64400 square meters

Among them, the main building is a frame tube structure, and the podium is a steel reinforced concrete frame structure.

2) Exchange meeting:    Hold technical exchange meetings for BIM implementation personnel of each project from time to time.

At the initial stage, set the model accuracy target and establish the model with reference to the enterprise modeling standard, so as to facilitate the comparative analysis of various quantities and multi-party collaborative application in the later stage.

Project staffing 1) BIM support mode for background modeling and front-end application.

Application of Bim in pilot projects (I) project information the selected project is Zhenshi headquarters building, a landmark building in Jiaxing, which is located in Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City and has great influence in the local area.

Site layout ▼ comparison between real map and three-dimensional site layout value: carry out three-dimensional site layout and corporate image planning through BIM Technology, and reproduce the 1:1 real construction site.

2) Formulate the submission process system of project service results.


It is composed of two floors of basement, 37 floors of main building and two floors of podium.

Other unified modeling rules and calculation caliber; Summarize the deliverables and format; Ensure that BIM data are complete; Guide professionals to implement the application on site.

Lifting Foot Anchor

The total building height of the project is 162 meters and the building area is 64400 square meters.

4) Understand the construction scope of the project construction contract.

The modeling personnel of each discipline shall issue the modeling report and description after the model is established.

4) Establish the weekly meeting system of the project and require all relevant units and departments to participate.

The basement has many high and low spans, complex structures and complex electromechanical pipelines.

7) Sign the project service agreement.

Formulate implementation plan 1) investigate the BIM technical requirements of the project department.

Joint review of drawings.

3) Assessment system for Project Leader:    The project leader or project manager shall objectively evaluate the implementation of on-site BIM every month.

4) Irregular inspection mechanism:    BIM Technology Research Institute personnel inspect the BIM Technology Application of each project irregularly every month.

3) Understand the main construction period nodes of the project.

5) Understand the project engineering positioning.

3) Formulate the feedback system for the submission of project results.

Project level system guarantee 1) establish drawing management system of each discipline.


Included in the personnel assessment mechanism.

2) Research the key and difficult points of the project in construction management.

7) Phased summary.

Software configuration 1)   Guanglianda series: bim5d software (PC end, web end, mobile end, “Xiezhu”)                Civil modeling software (GCL)                Reinforcement modeling software (GGJ)                Reinforcement turning software (gfy)                Electromechanical modeling software (magicad)                BIM drawing review software                3D site layout software (GCB) 2) Autodesk family: autodeskrevit                   AutodeskNavisworks                   Autodeskrevitmep3) and other auxiliary software 2.

Key points for civil engineering modeling: 1) modeling requires high-precision modeling.

At present, more and more projects are facing many challenges, such as complex construction process, tight construction period requirements, huge amount of information…

  Key and difficult points of project construction (technical part) 1) the excavation depth of foundation pit and 1# floor core area pit is up to 9.00m, with high requirements for earthwork excavation and support; 2) The continuous concrete pouring volume of the bottom plate is 6700m ³、 High technical requirements for crack control of mass concrete; 3) The building height of the first # building is 149.90m, which requires high precision for the three-line control of construction setting out; 4) 2 ##.

6) The BIM team of the project shall periodically submit the results to the headquarters.

Hardware configuration (III) BIM application method 1.

Party A has very tight requirements for the construction period, and the project is positioned as a “Luban Award” and “national AAA standardized construction site”, with high engineering requirements.

▼ list of project services 2.

5) Project training system:    The resident personnel of the project shall provide regular or irregular BIM technical training to the personnel of the project department.


6) Formulate project implementation plan and scheme.

At present, there are still many problems in the application of Bim in construction enterprises: how can BIM be applied in the project? How to visualize the value of BIM? Today we recommend BIM project application cases.

2) Project staffing( Select one person in charge among the resident personnel) preliminary stage: 2-3 civil BIM personnel (resident, according to the project situation)          1 commercial BIM personnel (semi resident mode)          1 Mechanical and electrical BIM personnel (not on site, tracking service) intermediate stage: 1-2 civil BIM personnel (on site, according to the project progress)          1 commercial BIM personnel (on-site service)          1 electromechanical BIM personnel (on-site service) later stage: 0-1 civil BIM personnel (semi on-site)          1 commercial BIM personnel (on-site service)          1-2 mechanical and electrical BIM personnel (on-site service) requirements: 1-2 personnel shall be arranged at each stage of the project to track the BIM Technology Application in the whole process and participate in the implementation of BIM Technology Application( 4) Main application points of BIM implementation 1.

  2) It is suggested that the modeler should professionally select personnel with practical experience as the modeling director, and the model construction personnel should regularly cross check the model, check and fill in the gaps, sort out the drawing problems, and use the model for field application after the compliance confirmation of the modeling director in the early stage of model delivery, so as to ensure the accuracy of the basic data of model engineering and help the fine management and control of the project.

Establish system guarantee company level system guarantee 1) weekly and monthly report system:     The project leader shall submit BIM implementation results, BIM progress, application problems, next week and monthly implementation plans to the project department and the design institute every week and month.

Compared with the past, it can more intuitively present the project site layout, improve the communication efficiency, and effectively solve the difficult problems of project site layout, It is conducive to green construction and national standardized acceptance.

3 # building has many ultra-high, over span and over limit parts, of which the maximum span of steel beam of indoor basketball hall in 3 # building is 33.2m, which has high technical requirements for steel structure frame assembly and hoisting; 5) 1 # building large section column and inclined column of transfer floor have high requirements for formwork installation process; 6) The facade of the 1# building structure is changeable and presents a multi-level retraction form, with high requirements for the erection of external frames; 7) The facade of curtain wall is complex and requires high installation accuracy; 8) The basement area has complex structure, large volume, many electromechanical disciplines and complex pipeline direction, which requires high requirements for the accurate layout of machine room, channel pipeline and the installation of supports and hangers( 2) BIM device configuration 1.

Before the joint review of drawings, the modeling results report shall be submitted to the project department or relevant departments, and the project department shall submit it to the design unit..

The investment amount of the project is about 400 million yuan.

5) Formulate relevant data submission plan of the project department.

At the initial stage of modeling, the modeling rules and coordinate origin shall be unified to facilitate the integrated application of later models.

BIM Technology has shown the great value of the productivity revolution technology in the construction industry.

Key points for electromechanical modeling: 1) the modeling coordinates shall be consistent with the civil engineering model; 2) Modeling accuracy requirements and professional level of personnel shall be consistent with that of civil engineering; Formulate the optimization plan of IMIS, and then carry out optimization and adjustment to reduce rework; 4.

  3) The modeling rules shall be unified.


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