Junmingshun | characteristics of fabricated steel structure buildings

This feature has not been applied to mobile houses.

The construction is not affected by season and weather.

The pipeline is buried in the wall and floor structure, with convenient layout and simple maintenance in the future.

It is conducive to the industrialized assembly of residential steel structure buildings.

The self weight of light-weight and high-strength floor structure is one sixth of that of traditional concrete floor.

Climbing Cone

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The bearing capacity is improved by optimizing the section form rather than increasing the section area.

The prefabricated house of light steel villa adopts new building materials, which are moisture-proof, mildew proof, moth proof and non combustion supporting.

The wall frame steel column, thermal insulation cotton and gypsum board used in the composite wall replace the solid clay brick widely used in villages and towns in China, reducing the use of cement, It saves non renewable resources.

It has good compatibility, avoids the impact of on-site manual production on quality, and is conducive to promoting the development of residential buildings to industrialization and industrialization.

The wall thickness is small, the actual use area inside the building is greatly increased, and the space utilization rate is improved.

At the same time, the reduction of self weight also reduces the requirements for the foundation bearing capacity, which can reduce the foundation cost.

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The light weight and high strength characteristics of the structure can also be used in gatehouses, sentry boxes and public toilets.

In addition, the reasonable structural mode can achieve the ideal seismic effect.

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The architectural design is beautiful, the space utilization rate is high, the walls of the wall plate structure are regular, and the structural components without concave and convex are convenient for indoor space layout.

Buildings with bright colors, rich facades and modern flavor can be designed according to the needs of users.

There are few wet concrete operations on the construction site, no formwork support is required, less garbage on the construction site, low noise and little impact on the environment.

       The main structural material used for energy saving, land saving and material saving is steel, with light self weight.

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It is a good livable place.

Compared with the traditional house construction, the construction process reduces the intensity of manual operation, helps to control the construction quality and progress, and reduces the expenditure of labor cost.

The living environment is hygienic and healthy, with good heat and sound insulation performance and beautiful appearance.

The construction is convenient, environmentally friendly and short cycle.

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What are the characteristics of low rise fabricated steel buildings compared with traditional village houses? The low rise fabricated steel building structure residence has the following characteristics.

The small self weight makes the horizontal force generated under the earthquake small, and its own stiffness is large.

The construction site construction is mainly the installation of components.

The self weight of the overall structure is only one fourth of that of concrete frame structure and one fifth of that of brick concrete structure.

Due to the bearing of walls and columns, the building plane can be divided freely and large bays are arranged.

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The components used can be modular design, factory standardized production and market-oriented procurement.

The living comfort of the residence is high.

The wall adopts cold-formed thin-walled steel composite wall.

In addition, this light weight structure system makes the foundation burden small, can be built on slopes and poor land, and saves land resources.

It produces and sells galvanized steel strip, hot-rolled steel strip, square pipe, welded pipe, C, Z, u and several sections, high-frequency welded H-section steel, livestock steel structure manufacturing and hot-dip galvanizing processing.

The amount of steel is small, and the steel can be recycled.


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