When major events and accidents occur on the construction site, we should deal with them in this way

All electric welding machines used in the construction site must be equipped with electric shock protector.

16) The use of electric tools shall comply with the relevant provisions of national standards.

Large mesh shall be covered under the shelf operation layer, and a large mesh shall be set every two layers.

1、 Control principles for emergency rescue work in case of major events on the construction site 1.

Steel pipes with serious corrosion, bending, flattening or cracks shall not be used for steel pipe scaffold.

If scaffold board needs to be erected between two stools, the spacing shall not be greater than 2m.

4) The operation surface of the scaffold must be fully paved with scaffold board, which shall not be more than 20cm away from the wall, and there shall be no gap, probe board and flying springboard.

A horizontal safety net shall be set at the next frame of the scaffold board on the construction layer.

Refuse all kinds of news media and journalists to enter the construction site at will to interview, take photos and report, so as not to affect the construction progress of the project; 6.

The welding handle wire shall be free of damage and well insulated.

9) The independent power distribution system must adopt the three-phase five wire neutral protection system according to the ministerial standard, and the non independent system can adopt the corresponding neutral or grounding protection mode according to the actual situation of the site.

6) The power distribution system must implement hierarchical power distribution.

At dangerous places, two protective railings shall be set at the edge, and red warning signs shall be set at night.

The selection of leakage protection device shall comply with the regulations.

During structural construction, wiring pipes shall be embedded in the roof construction.

The scaffold board with a thickness of no less than 5cm shall be fully paved on the top of the shed.

14) Various tall facilities must be equipped with lightning protection devices according to regulations.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

11) In order to ensure uninterrupted on-site lighting in case of fire and other emergencies, the power switch and lighting switch in the distribution box must be used separately.

18) The electric welding machine shall be equipped with a separate switch.

12) The switch box shall be distributed by the distribution box.

8) The iron stool used for high-altitude operation shall be firm, and if necessary, the iron stool foot shall be spot welded with the scaffold board below; The wooden pedal used should be fixed with steel wire and scaffold board to prevent dumping during use.

5) Dual power supply system is adopted on site to ensure power supply.

Each equipment shall have its own switch box.

of each control line.

2) The scaffold vertical net shall be protected by green dense mesh net, which shall be stretched, straight and tightly closed.

Temporary lighting and power supply shall be wired through pipes.

5) The inner side of the outer vertical pole of the outer frame shall be sealed with a dense mesh safety net to prevent falling from height and object strike.

10) While adopting grounding and neutral protection methods, two-level leakage protection devices must be set to implement hierarchical protection to form a complete protection system.

The collapse accident emergency plan collapse accident includes the deep foundation pit collapse; Collapse of large mechanical equipment such as tower crane; Collapse of integral formwork support system; And the collapse of scaffolding outside the building..

Overhead lines must be insulated conductors, and plastic flexible wires shall not be used.

Emergency plan for high-altitude falling and object strike accidents (1) the emergency work flow of High-altitude Falling and object strike accidents is as follows: (2) prevention and treatment measures for high-altitude falling and object strike accidents 1) all people entering the construction site must wear safety helmets, and high-altitude workers must be equipped with and use safety belts.

Prevent various businesses from entering the construction site by means of advertising, publicity, MLM, etc.

It is strictly prohibited to control more than two electrical equipment (including sockets) with one switch to ensure safety.


The internal setting of all switch boxes on site must comply with relevant regulations, the electrical appliances in the box must be reliable and intact, the type selection and setting value shall comply with relevant regulations, and the purpose of switching appliances shall be indicated.

9) The reserved holes on site must be closed and covered.

Note that the electrical equipment in the switch box can not be used for multiple purposes.


Two protective railings and a toe board shall be set outside the operation surface, the safety net shall be hung vertically, the lower opening shall be sealed tightly, and the protection height shall be 1.5m.

4) Inspection and operation personnel must wear insulating shoes and gloves as required; Special insulating tools for electricians must be used.

7) All distribution boxes on the construction site shall be marked with the name of the box, the title, number, purpose, etc.

The electrical system in the switch box must be of unified style and preparation.

3) When there is no enclosure structure around the edge of the building floor, two protective railings or one protective railing must be set up and hung with safety net.

The connection between the flow box and the upper level switch box adopts the plug-in connection mode.

Strictly implement the safe and civilized construction measures, make a good enclosure around the construction site, set up a sentry box at the entrance door of the construction site, assign special personnel to be on duty, and strictly control the access of vehicles and personnel; 3.

13) There shall be enough space and access for two people to work at the same time around the distribution box and switch box.

The management personnel, labor service personnel and vehicles of all units on the construction site shall show the required license plate and enter with the license plate; 4.

The power cord, plug and socket of the tool shall be intact, the power cord shall not be arbitrarily extended and replaced, the external insulation of the tool shall be intact, and the maintenance and storage shall be undertaken by a specially assigned person.

The box body shall be painted orange, and fences and protective sheds shall be set according to the regulations.

The joint of the net must be closely connected without gap.

Try to avoid random visits and photographing activities of units, groups and people, which endanger personal safety and affect the project progress; 8.

The welding handle wire shall be double in place, and the metal pipe, metal scaffold, track and structural reinforcement shall not be used as the loop ground wire.

Once an accident or failure occurs, immediately block the accident site, control the situation according to the emergency plan process, protect the site, organize the rescue of the wounded, dredge the personnel, report to the relevant superior leaders and departments in the fastest way, formulate effective solutions and implement them carefully; 9.

The non entrance and exit and both sides of the channel must be tightly closed.

The setting place of electric welding machine shall be moisture-proof, rain proof and smash proof.

8) The distribution line, cables and conductors in the distribution box and switch box shall be well insulated from the ground.

2) Establish a temporary power use inspection system, conduct regular inspection and irregular spot check on various lines and facilities on site according to the temporary power use management regulations, and archive the inspection and spot check records.

First, the project department is required to work together to actively prevent accidents, faults or errors; 2.

Handle the relationship with the people around the site and coordinate the relationship with all sectors of society and management units, especially the news media; 5.

once found, stop it immediately and issue a warning; 7.

The wiring shall be crimped firmly, and a reliable protective cover shall be installed.

The publicity and education of the management personnel of various departments and labor workers shall be carried out in advance to avoid rumors and misinformation from the public.

6) A protective shed with a length of 3 ~ 6m and a width of 1m on both sides of the access channel shall be set up at the entrance and exit of the building.

Emergency plan for electric shock accident (1) emergency work process for electric shock accident (2) prevention and emergency treatment measures for electric shock accident 1) electrical professionals shall be employed with certificates, and non electrical professionals are not allowed to replace or repair any electrical components.

They shall not be laid overhead in bundles or exposed along the ground.

17) 220V power supply is generally used for temporary lighting on the construction site.

The metal shell, metal support and base of various electrical equipment and electric construction machinery must be reliably connected to neutral or grounding protection according to regulations.

Lamps must be installed according to regulations, and leakage protectors must be installed on one side of the power supply.

Temporary distribution lines must be erected in accordance with the specifications.

2、 Various common emergency plans 1.

15) The distance between the distribution box and the switch box shall not exceed 30m; The distance between the switch box and the electrical equipment it controls shall not exceed 3M.

Do not stack building materials, weeds and sundries next to the box.

3) The erection and use of temporary electricity on the construction site must comply with the technical code for safety of temporary electricity on the construction site.

The shell of electric welding machine shall be protected by neutral connection or grounding.

7) Isolation and protection of dangerous areas: all dangerous areas where falling objects hurt people (such as scaffold erection and removal area and formwork removal area) shall be provided with 1.8m high protective railings, hung with dense mesh safety net for protection, and hung with no pass sign to prevent accidental entry and injury.


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