Which of the 9 headquarters buildings is cooler?

This unique geometry allows it to become self shielded, reducing energy consumption and maximizing natural light, which in turn promotes employee well-being and productivity.

Building a home of design concepts from corporate culture to create happiness △ interpretation of corporate culture © GWP architects △ concept generation analysis © Out of respect and in-depth interpretation of the corporate culture of Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment, GWP architect Zhang Guowei resonated the core concept of the project architecture with the culture of Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment, and created an identifiable and functional facade curtain wall, carrying the core of corporate culture.

Not only that, but also a combination of science and technology, fashion, refinement and environmental protection.

The design of each floor reflects flexibility and connectivity, and has greening, which provides employees with the opportunity to get close to nature, stimulate innovation, improve production efficiency and benefit physical and mental health.

Who is the headquarters building in your heart? The bjarkeingels group (big), the “infinite ring” oppo headquarters building in Hangzhou, connecting heaven and earth, shows the amazing skyscraper design of oppo’s new R & D headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

The shape of the skyscraper is circular, which aims to reduce energy consumption and express oppo’s commitment to endless innovation by “connecting the ground and the sky in a continuous cycle of cooperation”.

Robert Mankin, partner of NBBJ, said that we know that the office environment combined with natural and healthy elements is beneficial to the body and mind and encourages a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Who do you like better than a cool headquarters building? For a company, the headquarters building is not only a landmark, but also a powerful weapon to display the corporate image! Today’s headquarters building is not just a simple “tall”, more and more beautiful is the first, one of which is the improvement of people’s aesthetic concept, and the other is that having a good environment can also attract excellent talents.

The building, known as the “O tower”, will provide a wide range of projects for China’s largest smartphone company, as well as a large courtyard and lush waterfront landscape for the public.

From the beginning of “playing heart to create the world”, combined with the ideas and characteristics of the founders of the enterprise, design thinking integrates the corporate culture into the design through innovative methods to form an interesting, harmonious, open and innovative place for cohesion and sharing.

This award-winning construction company redesigned the traditional office building and optimized the company’s dynamic workspace by creating a cylindrical courtyard building with compact and flexible plane layout.

Therefore, the headquarters competition is comparable to a beauty pageant.

This 150 meter high, 32 story spiral building is located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen.

Pazhou has obvious location advantages and faces the Pearl River new town and Guangzhou International Financial City across the river, forming the “golden iron triangle” of economic development in the central urban area of Guangzhou , it will become the core engine of Guangzhou’s innovative economic development in the future.

“The design of vivo headquarters reflects this trend, so as to create a smooth and sustainable high-quality office environment based on the physical and mental well-being of employees.” The 150 meter (492 foot) high new vivo headquarters designed by NBBJ has a huge glass embedded in its external structure and can enjoy a 360 degree sea view.

NBBJ said that the project uses innovative design to make landscape for buildings, reflecting the characteristics of a variety of ecosystems and diverse habitats in South China from forest cover to the top of mountains.

Architects say this will reduce solar gain by up to 52%, thereby reducing energy consumption, glare, reflectivity and light pollution.

The “Atrium” is composed of multi-storey terraces and gardens; The top floor area has activity space and conference room with beautiful scenery of Qianhai Bay.

Let’s take a look today.

More boutiques pay attention to public office and commercial buildings.

More boutiques pay attention to the low-rise terrace of public office and commercial buildings, and some trees belonging to the lower vegetation of the forest edge are thinly planted; The plants in the atrium area become dense, mostly subtropical mountain forest plants; The vegetation on the high-rise terrace becomes sparse again, simulating the rugged mountain forest, which can reflect the architectural landscape of Shenzhen’s local diversified ecological style.

The sloping roof plane also allows a series of three storey spaces and interconnected terraces where oppo employees can interact and socialize.

Architect: bjarkingels location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China area: 48900 ㎡ 32 storey spiral building Shenzhen vivo new headquarters design scheme NBBJ was selected to design the new headquarters of Chinese science and technology enterprise vivo.

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Each headquarters building is built cooler than the other.

▲ for more boutiques, click to focus on “office and commercial buildings”.

After completion, the Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment global headquarters building will stand in Pazhou core CBD area with its innovative facade structure and internal space, transmitting the company’s mission and concept..

The public square with retail space is equipped with large stairs, which runs from the sunken garden to the fifth floor, and connects vivo flagship store, retail entrance, restaurant, conference floor and staff restaurant.

In order to maximize the absorption of sunlight and provide a panoramic view of the city, the south side of the building is pushed downward.

The building will be wrapped in a unique “fingerprint exterior wall” with adaptive shutters oriented according to the angle of the sun.

Architect: NBBJ (NBBJ) location: Shenzhen, Guangdong height: 150m play heart home, 37 interactive entertainment headquarters (37 interactive entertainment headquarters) project is located in the core CBD area of Pazhou, Guangzhou.

It is surrounded by a series of green terraces to give priority to the physical and mental well-being of employees.


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