What should I do if a high-rise building catches fire? Please keep this guide

Nine small places fire safety tips, and learn together!..

Let’s look at the production of the fire safety guide for high-rise buildings: the extended reading of the Shandong Fire Rescue Corps of the New Media Center of the China Emergency Management News · the fire safety strategy for large commercial complexes, please check it· Please keep the fire safety tips in catering places.

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According to the characteristics of winter, what safety risks are likely to occur in key industries? How to do a good job of safety in key places and key links? WeChat of the Emergency Management Department plans to launch a series of popular science products of “Winter Safety Reminder Card”, to learn together and prevent accidents before they occur.

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of fire accidents in high-rise buildings is at the moment when the weather is dry, the use of electricity and gas is increasing, the fire hazard is increasing, and the fire safety can not be underestimated.


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