EU: deep decarbonization, construction first

Once the proposal is implemented, photovoltaic facilities will be the most convenient way to decarbonize existing buildings in EU countries with poor energy efficiency.

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Certificates must be obtained for major reconstruction of buildings, renewal of lease contracts and all public buildings.

By 2025, all certificates must be based on a uniform grade from a to g.

(source: Tencent) the European Green agreement is the European Commission’s contribution to the implementation of the United Nations 2030 agenda for sustainable development And sustainable development goals, covering all economic fields, aiming to build a fair, prosperous and resource-saving modern economy, achieve the EU net zero greenhouse gas goal by 2050, and promote the deep decoupling between economic growth and resource consumption.

The directive will continue to use the 2018 version, but it sets higher requirements in terms of sustainable standards for new buildings.

News24dec carbon information provides you with valuable news and information summary on December 15, the European Union adopted the proposal of building energy performance of building directive (epbdii), which aims to promote the deep decarbonization of buildings and emphasize the decarbonization standard of existing buildings and buildings with the worst performance by setting sustainable development standards, Accelerate the EU construction industry towards carbon neutrality.

The following is the details.

In order to accelerate the implementation of the zero carbon target, the rapid action force of the public sector will be fully utilized.

The adoption of the proposal will promote the upgrading of energy utilization of public buildings in Europe.

On December 15, the EU energy Commissioner announced the legislative proposal for the next chapter of the European Green agreement, including the hydrogen energy and decarbonization gas package, and reformulated the energy performance of Buildings Directive (epbdii), hereinafter referred to as the directive.

Buildings or building units sold or rented must also have certificates, and the energy performance level needs to be stated in all advertisements.

The European Commission also mentioned that new buildings must achieve zero carbon emission by 2030.

At that time, each building will have an “energy performance certificate”, which will record the energy consumption information of the building and serve as an important guide for investment, purchase and lease decisions.

In terms of decoration, the EU has put forward minimum energy efficiency standards, requiring each member state to upgrade the energy efficiency certificate of 15% of the worst energy-efficient building stock from grade g to at least grade F by 2027.

European Green New Deal.

It is required that public buildings achieve zero emissions by 2027.

Taking the combined application of photovoltaic facilities and energy storage as the main development direction, accelerate the decarbonization process of existing buildings and expand its coverage to reduce building emissions.


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